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Attraction quandaries.

John Matrix

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Ever have the hots for someone, in the case of my examples, a celeb, and only after a period of saucy thoughts realised they bear an uncanny resemblance to someone who under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be the subject of your hormone fuelled twitches?

Aside from being thoroughly bloody wonderful, I happen to think Nicola Thorp is stunningly beautiful, although I saw a photo of her earlier today, and well...



Now I’m terribly confused, as I’d not given a second thought as to the aesthetic merits of Priti Patel, so you can only imagine how conflicting that is when you disagree with every other conceivable facet of her existence.

Another, albeit far more explainable one.  I’ve crushed on Myleene Klass since the Hearsay days, but around 18 months ago, her startling likeness to someone else I’m incredibly fond of has totally usurped all previous opinion.



I mean, I can’t feel too aggrieved by this one, as Donnie Yen is about as genetically perfect a human being as there has ever been, but as someone who’s previously admired him solely for his ability to kick people in the face..

Another I feel obliged to include here, although she’s never really been my cup of tea despite being universally revered as what constitutes attractive these days...



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