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2018 Wrestling Nominations: British Wrestling


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We've had 2018's last PPV, so nominations are now open for the UKFF Awards 2018!

You can nominate until New Year's Day, at which point I'll launch the voting proper.

If your nominations change between now and then due to anything great happening, please post your changes in a separate post, otherwise I'll probably miss them.

Please nominate up to three choices for each of the following awards, clearly stating the specific award your nominations are for.

If you want to give reasons or arguments why you've made your picks, please do.


Best British Wrestler  - we had some discussion about this in Paid about what constitutes this in the days of NXT UK. We came to the following conclusions:

 - NXT UK wrestlers are eligible for this award, unless they wrestled for WWE on a regular basis prior to the establishment of the UK Division. So Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews and Tyler Bate are eligible, but the likes of Noam Dar and Danny Burch are not.

 - Wrestlers are eligible even if they are not UK-born, as long as they do the majority of their wrestling in the UK. So the likes of Toni Storm or Travis Banks are eligible.

Best British Match

Best British promotion


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Best British Wrestler - Zack Sabre Jr, Will Ospreay, WALTER (Can we have WALTER? If not, switch this for Pete Dunne)

Best British Match - Zack Sabre Jr vs WALTER (PROGRESS Chapter 77), Jordan Devlin vs WALTER (OTT WrestleRama 2), Zack Sabre Jr vs Kazuchika Okada (Strong Style Evolved Night 2)

Best British Promotion - OTT, Rev Pro, Fight Club Pro.

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Best British Wrestler: Zack Sabre Jr, Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne

Best British Match: WALTER vs Timothy Thatcher (Progress 62), Tomohiro Ishii vs Keith Lee (Rev Pro Epic Encounter), Aussie Open vs CCK (Rev Pro Summer Sizzler)

Best British promotion Rev Pro

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Best British Wrestler

  • Walter. He does do a lot over here, and he's had quite a year in Progress for example, so if he's not eligible, please take my reserve in his place.
  • Tyler Bate
  • Zack Sabre Jr
  • I'll have Will Ospreay in place of Walter if he's ineligible.

Best British Match

  • Will Ospreay v DBS Jr: WOS Wrestling Episode 1. I can't afford another streaming service besides the WWE Network right now and it's tricky to keep up to date unless I subscribe. But I can always get in the habit of renting shows to watch online. For example, I intend to see Will v PAC when that's online. Unlike the last 2 years, none of the matches I've seen live I feel make the cut. Just a shame the series didn't¬†pan out perfectly.

Best British Promotion

  • Progress
  • Attack Pro Wrestling. These were only half of the companies I attended this year. I've not been to any live wrestling since the last Birmingham Progress show which was July. Fallen out of love with going a bit lately which is a shame because I'd usually get as many in as possible.
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Best British Wrestler:

Jimmy Havoc, Viper, Kip Sabian.


Best British Match:

Walter vs Devlin in OTT

Viper vs Kay Lee Ray at ICW Fear & Loathing

Mark Haskins vs Flip Gordon at Fight Forever: Deep Red.

Kip Sabian vs PAC vs Robbie X at BWR Welcome To Wonderland


Best British Promotion:

British Wrestling Revolution

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