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A Joshi Puroresu Thread


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I’ve searched high and low for one on Google but haven’t been successful so I thought I’d start one, I got the Stardom World subscription service recently and have spent a significant amount of time watching most of the shows from last year to current day...

They have 5 belts that are defended regularly, The main belt being The World Of Stardom Championship(The Red belt for short) The Wonder Of Stardom Championship(The White Belt) The Goddess of Stardom Championships(The Tag Belts) The Artists Of Stardom Championships(The Trio Belts) and The Future Of Stardom Championship(Belt for the Rookies)

They also have yearly tournaments...

The 5 Star Grand Prix - A Round Robin Tournament where the two who finish top of their groups meets in the Final, the winner getting a title shot of their choosing

The Cinderella Tournament - A One day single Tournament, you can get eliminated by Pinfall, Submission or being thrown over the top rope.

The Goddess Of Stardom Tag League - Another Round Robin Tournament where the two who top each group meet in the finals - The Winner gets a shot at the tag belts

Stardom is focused around factions much like New Japan, The Stardom Stars, Queens Quest and Oedo Tai.


Heres a look at the current roster - posted and reviewed by Xalasi on Reddit.

Queens Quest: The tweener faction in Stardom. They want to push Stardom to be the best.

  • Momo Watanabe - "Stardom's true heart". A fierce fighter with a bright future.
  • AZM - Pronounced "Azumi". A young & agile rebel that will stomp you to the ground. The Underboss of QQ and current "High School Fighter."
  • Konami - A student of WWE's Asuka(Kana). A fierce shooter with amazing kicks and submissions.
  • Viper - The Scottish giantess. She is a mighty powerhouse. 
  • Bea Priestley - An accomplished wrestler from the UK. She is one half of the 2017 Goddess Of Stardom tag team tournament winners, along Kelly Klein.
  • Chardonnay - A well traveled UK wrestler with multiple Stardom tours under her belt.

Oedo Tai: The rule breaking heels of Stardom. 

  • Kagetsu - The leader. A high flying, powerful rule breaking badass.
  • Hana Kimura - A heart breaking trickster rogue with a violent side. 
  • Sumire Natsu - She is beautiful, cowardly, and vain. She loves to pick a fight....a fight that she knows she can win.
  • Hazuki - Formerly known as HZK and Reo Hazuki. A young & badass rebel that will kick you in the face. Bombs Away!
  • Nao Yamaguchi - She is an Axe-Bomber throwing Gravure idol.
  • "Session Moth" Martina - The party don't start until Martina shows up.
  • Brandi Rhodes - Cunning and beautiful. Married to wrestling royalty.

Stars - Previously known as Stardom's Army. The babyface stable that sticks together(sort of)

  • Mayu Iwatani - "Sky-Blue Hyper Technician", "The Icon of Stardom", "The Gift". A fierce high flyer that will do anything(within the rules) to win. Master of the Dragon Suplex. The first and so far only World of Stardom and Wonder of Stardom duel champion.
  • Tam Nakano - "The Violet Kung Fu Girl". She is a former member of Oedo Tai and a pop idol. Watch out for her head kicks.
  • The Starlight Kid - "The Genius Girl". A high flying technician. The only masked wrestler currently in Stardom. Often teams with Shiki Shibusawa as the tag team Shikid.
  • Shiki Shibusawa - She lacks experience, but she throws a great dropkick and tries really hard. Often teams with Starlight kid as the tag team Shikid.
  • Saki Kashima - A creative and energetic fighter. She is returning to Stardom after a 5 year absence. She was 1/3 of the first Artists of Stardom champions.
  • Natsumi Apache - She is the latest in the Apache Dynasty from Mexico. A fresh face with a lot of moves up her sleeve. She is the daughter of Mary Apache.
  • And others. Possibly everyone that isn't aligned with Queens Quest or Oedo Tai.

Team Jungle - An exuberant babyface faction. Technically a sub-group of Stars, but they might dispute that status.

  • Jungle Kyona - A high energy dynamo. She has Jungle Power and she will use it to clothesline people's heads off. 
  • Hiroyo Matsumoto - Lady Godzilla. A joshi legend. She works with almost every Women's promotion in Japan and is highly successful.
  • Kaori Yoneyama - A joshi legend. Former OZ Academy Tag Team Champion. Former Stardom Tag Team champion. Runs her own shows under the YMZ brand. Often teams with and against rookies. Loves Dragonball and cosplay.
  • Natsuko Tora - The least experienced member of Team Jungle. What she lacks in power and experience she makes up for with heart and effort.

World Selection - The foreign regulars 

  • Mary Apache - She's a lucha libre legend out of Mexico. She comes from a legendary family, and she is the current High Speed Champion.
  • Rachael Ellering - Second generation wrestler. An accomplished power lifter. She won a Bronze Medal in the 2014 World Powerlifting Federation championships. Trained by Lance Storm. 
  • Candyfloss - A young UK wrestler known for her armbars.
  • Many more. Stardom usually has at least two or three gaijins around any point in time.

Stardom's Rookie class:

  • Ruaka - She's 13! But don't let that fool you. She's also powerful.
  • Hanan - She's also 13! She uses Judo to get an advantage her opponents.
  • Rina & Hina - Hanan's younger twin sisters. Rina wears pink and looks up to Jungle Kyona. Hina wears blue and she is too cool for your nonsense. 
  • Leo Onosaki - A firey babyface with a lot of energy. She loves hitting cutters.

Sendai Girls: At least once a year for the past few years Stardom and Sendai Girls have cooperated to share talent. You may see some Sendai Girl talent appear on Stardom shows and vice-versa.

  • Meiko Satomura - A joshi legend. The leader of the Sendai Girls company. Usually comes to Stardom to destroy Io, and Mayu.
  • Chihiro Hashimoto - A highly accomplished amateur wrestler turned pro. In her young career she has managed to become two time Sendai Girls champion.
  • Mika Shirahime - A protege of Meiko. She is deadly with her kicks.

Marvelous: Another promotion that Stardom has worked with recently. 

  • Takumi Iroha - Former member of Stardom. Currently one of the bright stars of Marvelous.
  • Rin Kadokura - Tag team partner of Takumi. Together they are New-Tra. 
  • La Rosa Negra - Former Stardom Gaijin, High Speed Champion, and Oedo Tai Member

I’m currently infested in a year long Storyline between Kagetsu - The Main Champ and Hana Kimura both members of Oedo Tai.

The story dates back to when Kagetsu was a zebra-panted freelancer who was brought in thanks to fellow freelancer Kyoko Kimura, Hana's mother. Back then Oedo Tai was more or less a revolving door of gaijins looking to make their mark. Kagetsu looked up to Kyoko and they shared a special bond together, Kagetsu thinks highly of Kyoko even up to this day, theres a 2 minutes with Kagetsu video somewhere on Stardom World where she's asked about her friendship with Kyoko, I highly recommend watching it.

In early 2017, Kyoko announced her retirement from wrestling, and brought in her daughter, Hana to continue the family's legacy in Oedo Tai, but between Kyoko retiring, Kris Wolf doing less and less Stardom dates and Kagetsu losing her drive as a competitor (Even contemplating retirement) Hana was left alone for a while, and it seemed like the eventual luchas de apuestas match between Mayu and her Wonder of Stardom title vs Hana and the remains of Oedo Tai would be the final nail in the coffin for the stable, until it wasn't.

A face-painted and re-energised Kagetsu interfered by attacking Mayu, announcing her return to Oedo Tai and seizing leadership in the process, Hana takes it more or less like a champ and with Kris returning not too long after, Oedo Tai seems poised to rebound.

A few months after was the 5 Star GP, Hana, Kris and Kagetsu were all in the same block. The plan from the start of the GP was to make sure Hana won, and the plan for Hana's match with Kagetsu was for Kagetsu to lay down at the beginning of the match and let Hana pin her, at 2, Kagetsu kicked out and shit got real. Hana beat the crap out of Kagetsu with anything she could find, she even spat at the ref after he admonished her for using a steel chair, but Kagetsu rallied and beat Hana with the Oedo Coaster. After the match Hana was noticeably pissed that Kagetsu didn't follow along with the plan, Kagetsu explained herself, saying that losing in that fashion would've meant nothing,


Kagetsu said that Hana could very well beat her one day, and said she wanted it to mean something, the two reconciled after a short exchange of words and afterwards Tam Nakano joined Oedo Tai, though Kagetsu and Hana had a tenuous relationship from there onwards, which was only made even worse when Kagetsu made her first of many questionable leadership choices, when she brought in another Idol wrestler, Natsu Sumire. But eventually Natsu managed to get along with the rest of Oedo Tai and they were once again a big happy dancing family, Kagetsu's 2nd questionable leadership choice was challenging Queen's Quest with an Oedo Tai who is still barely learning to cooperate, Kagetsu wanted a 5 on 5 Gauntlet match, where the last losing member would be forced to leave their faction

The members in danger of losing their spots were Tam Nakano and Momo Watanabe, Momo pinned Tam and Tam was forced to leave. Kagetsu took fault for issuing the challenge to QQ in the first place, but Hana... Hana didn’t take it so well... Hana and Tam had a special friendship and thanks to Kagetsu's gamble, they were split apart, admittedly, Hana blamed Tam for losing, and Kagetsu was more or less safe from Hana for now. Hana grew seemingly more unstable with each passing day. Kagetsu's 3rd mistake was bringing in Hazuki (then-HZK) Nao and Martina, admittedly, the Hazuki gamble paid off, though the getting-along process between Hazuki - Who had hit Hana with a Sunset flip Powerbomb to the outside only weeks before - and Hana was far from smooth. Evidently, this was the straw that broke the camel's back, Hana lost the Goddess belts she held with Kagetsu to the team of Mayu Iwatani and Saki Kashima, left for Mexico on an excursion shortly after, and returned seemingly the same as she had when she left, only with the added benefit of training with the infamous Apache wrestling family.

In a 3-way tag, Hana hit Kagetsu with the Oedo Tai sign, which seems all too common an occurrence in Oedo Tai matches, so it could've been a miscommunication, right??? Right? Hana left up the ramp on her own and Kagetsu had been left in the ring looking dumbfounded, both because she had just been hit in the head with a sign and because Hana was the one who did it.

Hana apologised for the incident and all seemed good, Hana was once again seconding for Oedo Tai until it all went south, in Hazuki's pre-match promo, Hana asked if Kagetsu was in the finals if she were able to win her match, she was, Kagetsu had 9 points and a win would have sent her to the finals on points alone, and all she had to do was beat Tam Nakano, who was at the bottom of the table with 2 points. It was an emotionally driven battle between the Oedo Tai leader and the Oedo Tai alum, with Tam wanting to prove she could survive without Oedo Tai, Hana and the rest of Oedo Tai seconded Kagetsu to the ring. Tam fought with heart but it was clear she was physically outmatched by Kagetsu, Kagetsu seemed hell-bent on humiliating Tam, that was her 4th mistake, she had put herself in position for a well-placed chair shot to the back from Hana, Tam, who had no idea what had just happened, took advantage with a prawn hold and got the victory. Hana continued to attack the rest of Oedo Tai with the steel chair and continued to beat on Kagetsu while providing her reasoning for her shocking betrayal: 


"Kagetsu-san, Stardom has made you soft! Hey, you bitches, and every one of you! I'm not affiliated with you anymore!"

Within a week Hana went from looking like this...


To This


More than just losing her spot in the 5 Star GP finals, Kagetsu was betrayed by someone she held dear to her heart, the daughter of someone Kagetsu shared a special bond with, whereas Kagetsu repaid Kyoko with kindness, Kagetsu's questionable leadership choices were eventually too much for Hana to handle, and she responded by brutalising and humiliating her former leader, and the rest is history, following her successful title defense against Nicole Savoy, Kagetsu challenged Hana Kimura, even going so far as to put her World of Stardom Championship on the line. on October 23rd Kagetsu defended her belt against Hana in a brutal violent no rules match where she won by referee stoppage but the war is only just beginning...


This isn’t a Stardom thread, it’s a Joshi thread so please, let everyone know your favourite, matches,  wrestlers... Anything! 

Im gonna write up a Mieko Satomura/Maki Itoh post later on after I watch their tag match that happened at DDT over the weekend.

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1 minute ago, Devon Malcolm said:

*checks watch* Did you take the day off work?

It's been added about the 8th line/paragraph down.  Besides, give him a break.  He's patiently waiting for someone to write a review of the Mieko / Maki tag match from DDT this weekend so he can Chilli it for over here.

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On 9/12/2011 at 12:50 PM, PunkStep said:

Fucking well played Tilde Guy. That's what you get for deciding to pick on the best guy in the thread just because you have a strop-on- you end up looking like a cunt. Again.


On 9/12/2011 at 4:28 PM, Devon Malcolm said:

Agreed, TildeGuy is one of those annoying Chelsea fans that is entirely decent and makes it harder for me to detest the cunts.

Where did it all go wrong... 

Genuinely would have liked to review the tag match like I said but why waste my time when a Joshi thread has turned into a Bully TildeGuy thread.

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7 minutes ago, TildeGuy~! said:

Where did it all go wrong..

Probably over the next 7 years.

What's stopping you from reviewing the match? So what if people aren't interested, no harm in you writing it up for your own benefit if nothing else.

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20 minutes ago, TildeGuy~! said:

Genuinely would have liked to review the tag match like I said but why waste my time when a Joshi thread has turned into a Bully TildeGuy thread.

You stole a post that clearly looks like a lot of work and knowledge has gone into it, pasted it on here with no credit given to its author, and you expect not to be pulled up on it? You don't know what bullying means.

You've been doing this shit for years, stealing stuff from other people, presenting stuff as your own, and never EVER giving your sources or credit to anyone. You're the one in the wrong here.

Also, did you REALLY go searching back through 7 years of posts to find a time when I agreed with you? Fucking hell, log off.

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12 minutes ago, Devon Malcolm said:

Also, did you REALLY go searching back through 7 years of posts to find a time when I agreed with you? Fucking hell, log off.

No, he was still in the process of editing the posts in that thread.

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