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A Joshi Puroresu Thread


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This forum http://joshifans.com/joshifansforum/index.php was pretty active at one time, until Joshi all but died, around 2011. So little left worthy of discussion. Oz Academy's tired as fuck, then rookie STARDOM and it's downhill from there. Even Meiko's Promotion, which in the 12 years or more it's been running, hasn't produced anything resembling a star. I don't want to do it down, but the reality is that Joshi is in a very poor state. Probably the worst in 30 years+. Kana departed because there were no credible opponents left for her. If Io Shirai & Hiroyo Matsumoto are now considered to be top talent, that pretty much speaks for itself.


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2 hours ago, Tommy! said:

I thought Joshi was Japanese women's wrestling and Puroresu was Japanese wrestling. 

So is Joshi Puroresu Japanese women's wrestling that's Japanese or what? Can anyone explain this for me. 


According to a future TildeGuy post, Joshi means women or girls. In this context it's short for Joshi puroresu

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