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MMA Shit Tattoo Thread

Keith Houchen

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On 11/07/2017 at 11:19 AM, Carbomb said:

Camozzi's tattoo design is shit, but the work on all his tats looks good. I'm no @UK Kat Von D (we'll let him evaluate), but it seems to me they look sharp and detailed. At least he has that going for him; all the others have both shit designs and shit work into the bargain.

Looks like a decent idea and could have been a good tattoo if he'd gone to someone who is better. It's just not been drawn very well at all. Wings look extremely beginner, not enough black so there is no contrast. 

Overall I'd call it "blah" rather than shit 

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He was a part of the Wolf's Lair team (made famous by Michael Bisping being a part of them when he was on TUF) so he got their logo tattooed on his back.........then fell out with them. Until he got it covered he went through a phase of using a sharpie to cross it out.

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