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Wrestling Items Black Friday Sale


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Just thought it would be handy if anyone found any black friday sales and posted them all in one place so we can all enjoy the sales.


A couple have started early.


Preston City Wrestling




Pro Wrestling Chaos

Our Black Friday sale starts now! For the next week, get 25% off all items when you spend more than £10 using the code CHAOS at the check out.

That's ALL our tees and ALL our DVD's!

An audience with Bob Holly and All or Nothing 2016 will be added this weekend and will also be part of the sale!

Shop now at: http://prowrestlingchaos.bigcartel.com


On Black Friday itself, for just 1 day. Sign up to UK Wrestling On Demand for just 99p for the month and watch EVERY CHAOS EVENT! You can also see Triple X Wrestling events included in the price!



If anyone sees any deals post them here.

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I have had e-mail alerts from the usual, Highspots have 33% off everything I think, and RF Video have varying levels of savings, up to 40% off. I am interested in what they call a Ricky Steamboat shoot interview, it is titled "Reflections", for some reason I could listen to Steamboat all day.


ROH always have a sale on too.


IVPVideo have put this on there twitter


Black Friday sale will be going live early Friday morning. It will be two levels, 35% off all items but Purobox, spend $100 get 40% off!

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PCW black Friday sale. Now you can not receive your DVD for just half the cost.



If you are a teenager and you've pirated our stuff, Fludder will come round your house, not with Chris Masters but with UHAA NATION!!

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WWE EuroShop have up to 75% off on some things and 25% off your whole order with the code FRIDAY. Worth a nose especially as most of their merch are really pricey. TNA EuroStore have a reduced to clear/probable closing down sale what with the Challenge deal going with some shirts at £2.99

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I don't know why I'm getting so irritated by all these Black Friday adverts saying the Black Friday sales are on on now. It's not Friday. IT'S NOT FRIDAY.

Black Friday is now a week long thing.

Call it Black Week then.

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