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Podcast/Interview Thread (MMA/Boxing etc) 🎧

Egg Shen

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given that countless new interviews/podcasts are uploaded to whatever channels they use on a daily basis i thought it would be cool to keep a thread open to post in some recommendations you think it'd be worth others checking out...doesn't necessarily have to be new either, any olds ones are welcome.


I'll start with the one that gave me the idea to start the thread (and was mentioned in the Jon Jones thread).



any Rogan fighter based interview is worth checking, the new Chael one is excellent though. I've ragged on Chael in recent times because on his own podcast he seems to play upto his gimmick and it makes for a frustrating listen, here though the guard is dropped and you get to hear him talk openly about various subjects where you feel he isn't actually bullshitting. The Jon Jones' drug test thing obviously brought attention to the podcast but the rest of it worth a listen too as well. Great to hear Chael's opinions on fight promotion, more fighters need to take a page of the book of Chael P.


he's also done The Fighter & The Kid this week (not listened to this one yet)



get em in here...

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That Joe Rogan and Chael Sonnen podcast was excellent.


Interesting, and had me laughing out loud on my way home from work when Chael was telling the story of having Joey Diaz on his podcast. I've never heard of him before, but I think I'm gonna have to check some of his stuff out now.


Keep the recommendations coming :-)

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Mir pretty much always comes across as a bellend. And that's because he is a bellend. He was tremendous as colour commentator in WEC though. That's the only time I've been able to tolerate him, and maybe that's partly because I never had to look at his smug face while he was commentating. I don't think I could stomach a full podcast of him waffling though.

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I used to enjoy his live scorecards during UFC PPV's. They stopped using him around 2007 time.


Other than that, I honestly don't know much about Bravo -  other than he beat a Gracie in a straight BJJ fight when that really meant something. I have it in my head that he's a conspiracy theorist. 

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