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What Culture Pro Wrestling LIVE (Newcastle) - 27th & 28th July

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What Culture Pro Wrestling (WCPW) will be running two huge live dates in July, and you can be there. Save £10 when you buy tickets to both nights.
Taking place once again in Newcastle upon Tyne (new venue), the stacked roster for our new shows includes:
- Damien Sandow 
- Will Ospreay 
- Noam Dar 
- Big Damo 
- Rampage Brown 
- Doug Williams
- Joe Hendry 
- Joe Coffey 
- El Ligero 
- Martin Kirby 
- Jason "The Primate" Prime
- And many more HUGE names still be revealed.
Appearing alongside the stacked wrestling card will be many of your favourites from the WhatCulture Wrestling YouTube channel: Adam Blampied, Adam Pacitti, Jack The Jobber, King Ross, Suzie Kennedy and more.
VIP Tickets (£50) include:
Seating in the first row guaranteed, Meet & greet with an in-ring photo, Bonus dark match, Event programme & WhatCulture t-shirt
Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
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Watched the first episode and the wrestlers are great as always. What really ruins it are the WC guys all over the show. The commentary is especially awful!


Would have to agree on this. We reviewed their first show for the podcast this week and needless to say it didn't go down all that well. The sad thing is, I'm actually interested in the talent they have booked, but I'll be fucked if I'm sitting through that shite with the 'personalities' to enjoy it.

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I watched stream of the second episode last night. It reminded me of UKW, the really awful promotion that was on MyChannel years ago. WCPW have the talent, but of course, they're not the real stars of the show. The WhatCulture staff are. For a bunch of people who rip into WWE booking on their videos, they sure repeat everything they find wrong about it. There was at least 30 minutes of wrestling on a hour and a half show. 


The El Ligero vs Jay Lethal match was good. Such a shame the commentary fucking ruined that. Simon Miller is okay, but that absolute fuck knuckle in the cape and crown should never be allowed near another microphone again. 


I think they'll eventually improve the production values, but sadly, I don't think we'll see the end of WhatCulture staff members being pushed over the wrestlers. Even if Blampied is great.

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The whole thing is an excercise in putting themselves over - they are even on the poster! Maybe I'm out of touch, but who cares?


The Geordie on commentary was awful. No idea who that was. Just talked over everyone with white noise.


There is no character development for any of the wrestlers or a reason for the matches it just Good wrestler vs Good wrestler have a good match for no reason then back to us. The Adam who plays the GM with the ratty beard has the charisma of a centipede and should be kept as far away from TV as possible.


As a project I fail to see the point of this (aside from the obvious) and can't see it lasting more than 6 months unless they shift the focus.

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Have to agree with all the comments. The commentary is utterly terrible, and the amount of "WCPW personalities" on the show is ridiculous. Most of them have no business being on a wrestling show. Pretty clear they didn't involve anyone who knew what they were doing.

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