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  1. How do I get back to the desktop version? Or is that long gone now.
  2. Heading to Prague for a Stag Do in July, any recommendations on things to do/pubs to visit?
  3. That's also a potential spoiler no?
  4. Anyone purchasing the NES Classic Mini on Friday?
  5. Sorry to bump the thread.. I've found myself caught up with all my wrestling podcasts, and to be honest I'm looking for something different that's going to grip me the way serial did when that was blowing up.
  6. Any recommendations on pubs to visit in Leeds? Looking mainly at getting a good ale. Have looked online & have also been a few times. We're going to be heading to Northern Monk Brewery as our hotel is close by & sample a few.
  7. Is there a list of which brands are going to be in each city?
  8. Anyone caught Stranger Things on Netflix yet? Fascinating stuff. Really keeps you watching, and only 8 episodes.
  9. Where is this confirmed?
  10. Has there been a date that this gets on the network?
  11. So a CV.. Better chance of people looking at if its on one page or over two?
  12. Has every country qualified for this now?
  13. Been contemplating getting NJPW World, upon looking at the schedule I wonder how people manage to find the time to keep up with the product with the amount of content that they come out with? Ha. Or do people just pick & choose. Also how do people find the streams, and what platform are people finding is the best to watch it through?
  14. It's actually 10pm-4am if you include the pre show.
  15. Anyone.. Links/prices/times to non WWE events happening at wrestlemania weekend? Looking to bulk up the viewing over that weekend.