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  1. The UKFF gets a couple minutes worth of attention on the latest patreon episode of wrestle me. Very humorous stuff concerning one SID. 😂
  2. Finally picked up Lou Thesz: Shooter on the kindle for less than a tenner. So intrigued to see what it’s like. It also linked to the following & was wondering if anyone could give any insight into if they’re worth checking out; Terry Funk : more than just hardcore vader time by Leon white Stan Hansen autobiography Also any left field suggestions bar these would be welcomed. Cheers
  3. Just a heads up NBA 2K20 is currently at £3.99 on the PS store & I believe it’s even cheaper on XBOX.
  4. Boom! Nail on the head. Thank you. Now to find somewhere to watch it ha.
  5. I’ve been raking my brain, I have a vague memory of growing up early 2000s & seeing a documentary about a punch of guys making a film/indie film? I know it’s pretty infamous. I just can’t remember the name of it. Any thoughts. Sorry it sounds so vague.
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