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UKFF - Then & Now

Chaka Demus

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So I'm visiting UKFF for the first time in about 18 months and the second time in 5 years.


I got suspended in 2011 for three years and pretty much forgot about the place until, one November morning in 2014 my phone went off on my phone with the text "UKFF". It seems that in 2011 I set an alarm on my phone to go off on the day the suspension expired.


I only quickly checked the site then seemingly forgot about it again till last night when it crossed my mind. The first thing I done was check my post history. I cringed at some of the stuff I said as far back as 2003 and as recent as 2011. Sometimes you wonder what was going through your mind at certain times in life.


Basically, it got me thinking. I joined this site in 2003 when I was 14. At that time the board was very active but also starting to come down from a "peak" period. I was a pretty active poster up until about 2007/8 when I lost interest in wrestling. I stayed posting, sporadically, In the MMA and Scottish Football thread up until my suspension.


I've been a member of this board all my adult life, active or not.


It got me thinking, I'm now 27, have a child, my own flat, car and "big boy" job after 3 years at Uni and 3 years managing a fairly successful Glasgow nightclub.


Checking my post history made me wonder what happened to all the members from that era. Most will have probably moved on, some might be in the wrestling industry, we might have a few multi millionaires, maybe somebody is in jail? Is everyone still alive?


If you've been a member of the forum a while, active or not, I write this thread in an effort to see what's changed for you since the day you signed up here?


Members off the top of my head I remember being pretty active:












Does Two Sheds still suffer from severe autism?

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Ahh right. Well, they haven't invented an antibiotic for it yet, if that's what you're asking.

Thanks for clarifying but there has been significant research between antibiotics and the positive effect they have on autism

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Unfortunately, $tew sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Hell of a shock, that was.


There are a few others who don't really post any more, off the top of my head:


DJ Stevie C

The Mighty LC



Kenny McBride

Terje Rindal

Martin Pedersen


JFFC and JLM/Toryumark pop up once in a while. Linus disappeared for years and came back to start posting regularly again last year; paltaper did the same but seems to stick to the Lucha thread.

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I'm still here Ally. I mainly lurk on OT and MMA. Having 2 kids and a busy career takes up all my time so I only watch wrestling every now and then, not enough to contribute to the main forum these days apart from making a regular RIP post whenever a childhood hero passes away.

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Also, Moj doesn't post anywhere near as much any more - he's a daddy now, so makes sense. Sickboy became Woyzeck became Astro Hollywood, and has not been on here in quite some time. Both are very much missed.


CTX shows up once every so often. Haven't seen MoChatra or Bagga for some time - don't know about Mo, but Bagga's busy running LDN.

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I'm still around, and still as unmemorable. Been here from 16, now 26.

I miss my old TripleA name because being called FelatioLips has left me unable to log in at places like work or anywhere someone might see my name.

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