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Launching a kickstarter book on the history of football management gam


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Not too sure if there would be much interest with the lads here. I know a lot of us play FM and there's a lot around my age that have played many other manager games over the years.


Myself and Andy Watton are writing a book entitled ' The World Tour of Football Management Sumulation'... Bit of a long one I know!


Basically the story behind the games from 1982 up it the modern day. We'll have something from Miles at Sports Interactive and hopefully something from Kevin Toms.


It will feature a review of around 115 different games that we can recall playing over the years.


I'll keep you all updated if it's something of interest and post the link when we launch. There's loads of smart rewards.


I'd be interested to here your views on any old manager game that you really got into.


Kevin Keegan's Player Manager?



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Myself and Andy Watton are writing a book entitled ' The World Tour of Football Management Sumulation'... Bit of a long one I know!


I hope he's on proof reading! :)


Was a massive player of Champ Manager from the Atari version with the made up names right up to the split between Eidos and SI. Never really got into it since although I still buy it every year. I did the usual ones too like SWOS (Awesome), Ultimate Soccer Manager (Alright), On The Ball (under-rated) and Premier Manager (OK).


Used to play a few on my Speccy. Tracksuit Manager which I reckon everyone was into. Also Player Manager which was a basic manager game but ever now and then you would get a chance at goal. A little bar would rotate and you had to hit the S key to shoot. I never scored.


My fav on the speccy though was World Soccer League. Pretty basic but the divisions were made up from all the great teams around the world. So you'd play Juve one week, River Plate the next, Liverpool the next, etc. I wasted hours on it.




Another one I loved was Graham Taylor's Soccer Challenge on the ST. You had to work your way up from the bottom to be England Manager. It was fucking hard. It was ahead of it's time too. It had amazing graphics compared to most manager games and you would see highlights of the games. Remember I always tried to sign Stan Collymore from Stafford Rangers. I liked his name.



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*Cracks Knuckles* I fucking love Footy Manager games!


Here's a brief selection of stuff


I'm going to assume SWOS is in there so wont cover that, mainly because it still rocks even today through the 'Total Pack' which has this seasons updates, well, last but yeah that. I'll gloss over Championship Manager Italia, which was fantastic, 2-3-5 formation, continental works on pretty much all of the pre-CM2 games and it's a blast getting seemingly random players with 20 and them becoming the best in the world. I'll also gloss over CM2 which was a massive time eater. The ability to play different leagues at the same time was great as was signing superstar freebies that made it into the game and would often cost peanuts.


The Manager, is where it is at for simulation games, pre CM, 16 bit German goodness with extensive stats, stadium building and and some fantastic cut scenes which include all the players running at each other and knocking each other out. It's worth checking out 





You then had the likes of Tracksuit Manager and Tracksuit Manager World Cup Edition which  were graphically basic, yet  engrossing because you were the manager to bring home the ultimate glory, loved them got them on a market at Cheltenham Racecourse back in the day along with Codemasters' First Division Manager, which was basic yet fun.


On the Ball and On the Ball World Cup edition were graphically ace, but disk swapping nightmares on the Amiga, spoilt the enjoyment. If you've ever played Boxing Manager Simulator, then it's basically the football version with more fancy graphics.


FA CUP is a nifty little game that took up silly amounts of time on a wet sunday afternoon when I was a kid, because you could have a zillion teams, and choosing those 'three' formations really made a difference, or something.


Brian Clough's Football Fortunes board game thingy, was just plain odd, the bits were easy to lose and it didn't make a lot of sense looking back, but it had a great USP even if it was a bit shit.


Premier Manager 3 with it's editor was great, 3-4-3 pretty much won you everything and the ability to add lots of dosh in the editor or cheat, meant ringing around those lower league teams for 3 star or better players was less of a chore.


Football Masters was a strange game on the PC, capitalising on the growth in tech and had digitised player shots, where available, however you could still play insane formations and win loads, kinda making the whole thing seem, well a bit shallow. Less pizazz, more game, please.

Kevin Keegan's Player Manager on the Snes was brilliant, I never played the poor kick off part of it, but the management bit was ace, little kawaii footballers, silly transfers and the ability to field a team full of goal keepers or even wingers was great. Not based in real life, but fun nonetheless.  Was Karl- Heinz Rummenigge's Player Manager in Germany. Here's a little taster.



Erm anyways I have to go out or would bore people to tears

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The above was a favourite of mine in my formative years, had it on the ST.


The interfaces were all graphical, i.e. most of your week was spent behind your desk and you clicked on the paper on the desk to get the news, the notepad to get to your squad etc. etc. Seem to remember there was a picture of your wife on the desk which, when clicked, was put face down momentarily. May have imagined that, though.


IIRC, the English clubs you had a choice of managing were Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd and Everton. Possibly Spurs, though.


Alan Hansen, Graeme Sharp, Matt Le Tissier & Ken Monkou were all immense on it, I remember that much.

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Spent many an hour on Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2001. Stephane Bonnes was an absolute hero for my Celtic side and it genuinely gutted me in real life that he didn't make it.

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