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The Preston City Wrestling Thread

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I'll be there...at some point. I get into Preston for about half 5 and then I'll head down to Wellies, if I can grab food in that time before doors, I'll do so.


Getting back is a right pain in the arse. Trainline don't seem to acknowledge connecting trains at Manchester heading back up to Leeds so I'm having to book a string of single tickets instead of a return which isn't ideal. Screw it, more than worth it for a show like this.


Text ya bro, me or whomever as will likely be elsewhere by then either Fishers or Old Bull I recks. It gets messy. What time is Bell anyhoo?


Benny :) is all Im saying. Food of the Gods!

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Nah, it’s lovely. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer cunt. 

They drew over 2000 fans combined for three shows over the past two days, including a major show last night at Preston Guild Hall. They're now running shows in Preston, Blackpool, Wrexham, Liverp

What exactly am I shilling? I have a different opinion to you. That doesn't mean I'm a shill. Honestly, you and anyone else using that term towards me is an embarrassment. I get it; PCW isn'

Really gutted to see Dave Mastiff pull out but it is totally understandable and somewhat inevitable looking at how bad his hand looked in that accident a week ago.


To be honest I haven't seem much of Dynamite so don't really know what to expect from the match now. Hopefully it will be good, Dynamite has a lot to live up to getting such a big opportunity on his PCW debut. If the injuy to Mastiff had to happen it's a shame it came so late when all of the PCW regulars are already tied up in matches and angles. Davey vs Trav or Lionheart would have been awesome or if you were bringing someone from outside in Davey vs Gallagher that would have been insane.

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Robbie Dynamite is still young isnt he? early 30's? Vaguely remember he was on Team UK for the TNA thing and does alot of Allstar stuff these days, if Im thinking of the right wrestler.


Well Mastiff's hand is pretty knackered going from the photo that's circulated. 2 weeks and then will be ready? Hmmmm, shall see.

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Will be attending tonights show but have a quick question the new venue.

If im walking from the train station is rumes just a bit further down the same road that lava is on?.

IV looked on google maps and its hard to make out which building is rumes.


That's right. Same road, just carry on a bit after Lava

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