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The Preston City Wrestling Thread

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Nah, it’s lovely. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer cunt. 

They drew over 2000 fans combined for three shows over the past two days, including a major show last night at Preston Guild Hall. They're now running shows in Preston, Blackpool, Wrexham, Liverp

What exactly am I shilling? I have a different opinion to you. That doesn't mean I'm a shill. Honestly, you and anyone else using that term towards me is an embarrassment. I get it; PCW isn'

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Clearly you both know more than me haha. He has not pulled out and we have spoken.


Clearly you both know more than me haha. He has not pulled out and we have spoken.

That's brilliant news if he is still in - I only posted about him potentially not being available since RevPro are stating here that he hopes to have his first match back from injury on their show the weekend after.


EDIT: wrong damn link...

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Again like Benny I just went off what RevPro posted. For those who weren't aware of Dave's injury, this was his hand a few days ago:




But Dave is an absolute fucking machine.


If he's hurt, I would not begrudge him resting and healing. But I'll be honest I was gutted when I found out about his injury as Dave vs Davey had me very excited when it was first announced. Broken fingers or not, he's gonna fuck Richards up.

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Anyone meeting up before the pre show event or between the pre show and main show?


Usual suspects?


4pmish Wellies for Food, usual?


I'll be there...at some point. I get into Preston for about half 5 and then I'll head down to Wellies, if I can grab food in that time before doors, I'll do so.


Getting back is a right pain in the arse. Trainline don't seem to acknowledge connecting trains at Manchester heading back up to Leeds so I'm having to book a string of single tickets instead of a return which isn't ideal. Screw it, more than worth it for a show like this.

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