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The Preston City Wrestling Thread

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With no thread on here for upcoming shows, plenty of stuff getting announced several shows ahead and seemingly a fairly strong following for the promotion amongst UKFF members, I thought a more general event/discussion/review thread for upcoming PCW events mght be in order for those of us wishing to discuss.


Over the next few months we have:


This Friday, 2 August 2013, at Rumes Nightclub, Preston:


Too Good To Be Two - 2nd Anniversary Event

PCW Heavyweight Title - 60-minute Iron Man Match:

Doug Williams

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More importantly, are we meeting in the usual establishment before the show?


AS per Benny. The Old Bull, has been mentioned for Sega Rally 2 Standee and Pirates of the Carribean Pinball. I'm happy with either and am sure the lack of the Welly Buster Burger will not be greatly appreciated in some quarters.


Plus can twat everyone on Donkey Kong, er, again :)

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Am I the only one that's concerned about Bubblegum being booked in a ladder match? He's only just come back from potentially career ending surgery, and mentioned to me that he may have hurt his knee again at the last show by coming back too early.


Bubs is in a cage vs CJ the following week for Inifinite, so assuming is good for it



In other vague PCW news Shaun 'The Hammer' Davis, returned for a BWP rumble the other week by all accounts. Just a one off though going by his FB responses

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I'll echo everyone's comments in here of looking forward to Friday. And also be another one to voice that I'm happier with Doug/Ligero. Doug/Noam would have been a great match, don't get me wrong. But that 20 minute draw the other month felt like they were stalling for time and dragging out to the time limit, something which apparently was not a result of Noam's injury as that happened near the end of the bout. Shame that Noam is going to miss out on one of the biggest tests of his career (to work such a lengthy match against a competitor like Doug) for what we all assumed would be his crowning glory moment in winning the PCW Heavyweight belt.


But Doug/Ligero intrigues me. If there's any other guy in the UK I'd trust to do a 60 minute match it's Ligero. And by itself it's a big match up. Doug was considered the best wrestler based in England four years running the last time he was full time based in England. Ligero deservedly topped the UKFF 50 the last two years running and I wouldn't be surprised to see a hat trick in three months time ( ;) Hat Guy). Ligero can do the hold for hold chain wrestling that Doug is so well known for. Ligero does have the conditioning to go the distance for the full 60 minutes. But it's where there styles and strengths differ that makes the match up so interesting and so potentially compelling.


The Tag Title match should be very meaty indeed. I enjoyed the aforementioned heavyweight four way until the quick eliminations and the final two dragged a bit. So to have two teams of beef clubbing the hell out of each other sounds very good indeed. And the MITB having a ladder this time out should be insane and I have no idea who would win it as you've got two already established main eventers in there and the MITB has been used in the past to really help elevate someone up the card.


October is the first show me and my fiancee are doing on her three weeks over here and I'll be interested to see how Lava looks in the first show back. Love the tag match and I'm really hoping for either Unbreakable Fucking Machines vs Mastiff/Moss, or UFM vs Team Single freeing up Mastiff to face Davey. Now that would be incredible.

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I also think Ligs vs Doug will be a lot better, I also wasn't wowed by Dar and Dougs first match. Both great talents but for whatever reason it didn't seem to click, so the idea of 60 mins if it didn't click again was a bit worrying.


But seeing Doug put in his best match for a long time at Southside last weekend against Haskins, and Ligs being Mr Reliable when it comes to match quality I think this could be a much better fit.


I'm hoping we get Davey vs Travis or Mastiff, either would be first time matches and good opponents for Davey. Trav has proven how good he can be against the imports and Mastiff and Davey seem to have unfinished business from the last time Davey was here.


Since Cage and Elgin are both on the show it would be a shame to not use them as a team so UFM vs Team Single or Mastiff / Moss would be ideal but I wouldn't be apposed to Project Lucha either.


Also surely Trav vs Steen II is a must for the SuperShow, their first match was amazing and after Steen got the win Trav needs the opportunity to get a win back.

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