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  1. GPW Kristian Zane

    Confusion in Wrestling

    John Cena challenging Rey Mysterio for the WWE Title immediately after Rey won it.
  2. GPW Kristian Zane

    McMahon Always Wins (Colt Cabana sues CM Punk)

    He's cool at the Edinburgh Fringe however.
  3. GPW Kristian Zane

    Classic uk pro wrestling Presents Reality Check

    Ok... Lots of rookie mistakes in this presentation. For a start, never should have ended the show with a 3 way match for 2 titles. As I understand it, this was your first show in a while with what looked to be a whole new audience, you need to get people to care about the characters before you introduce title belts. Also, that was indy style match performed in front of a family audience, no just no. Family audiences don't give a monkey's about high spots, they want good guys vs bad guys. Book for your audience not what you think sounds good on paper. Caz Crash I have seen before, He worked for us a while back in a tag team called The Proven but the other 2 guys didn't look show ready to me. I'd have made it a 1 on 1 match with clearly defined hero and villain. I agree about the commentator, just didn't work. Maybe have the ring announcer do commentary with the other guy? On the plus side, it was nice to see a 2004 style match in 2018, so that's something.