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  1. I don't even remember this .. but I assume the answer is probably no
  2. It was a lovely bench, I'm open to a reunion. Hope you're good bro
  3. Yes @Ralphy, Hope you're good man! Yeah man, still DJ'ing, I tour DJ for a rapper called Lunar C, travelling around the world to rap shows running on zero sleep, very similar to wrestling shows back in the day. I keep meaning to try and get to some wrestling shows again but I never seen to find the time, I barely keep up with it these days tbh, just read various needs sources every now and again and thats it.
  4. Ah no, I meant Corino Zero One (I think that was his username) ... That is sad to hear though.
  5. So i've literally not been on this forum in well over 10 years after being unhealthily over active in the early - mid 2000's. It just randomly popped into my head and a thousand memories came flooding back of random trips and adventures going to various off key wrestling shows in and out of the country. 'm intrigued to know if any of the old posters are still around from that era? Ralphy, Hat Guy, Stu, Pete, Rob, TDK, JLM, Dopper, Bagga and a million others who I can't remember their names right now. I'd be fascinated to know how everyone is and what they're doing with their lives these days.
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