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  1. I was in the united end yesterday, could see the bloke who did the racist gestures being a cock all game. Tried to jump the barrier at one stage to get at united fans, doing cutthroat gestures, one point he was pushing stewards to stop them getting to an incident in the City end. How he wasn't thrown out before it got the point of the racist act is beyond me. The City stewards were awful Munich and airplane gestures right in front of them and they just put the little wankers arms down, surely that warrants ejection. Anyways what a result and that away end yesterday was fucking incredible!
  2. I watched the new Trish Stratus WWE 24 this week. Top documentary, touched on her start in the business moving from valet to wrester etc …. I knew she retired young but didn't realise it was only 30 years old, got to respect her reasons has to why. so what do people see as Trish's legacy?, I think she is one of the best ever women there has been and was a brilliant valet/manager as well. She no doubt along with Lita inspired many of the women we see today and paved the path for them so yeah good little watch people
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