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How Butch Lives


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Well, as we found out in the twitter thread, I'm quality enough to have my own parody on there. It's not great, but I can turn chicken shit into chicken shit that doesn't taste so bad. As 2009's BEST FUNNIEST, and RUNNER UP FOR 2011's FUNNIEST (and 2nd best Wrestling poster. Can't suck the own though. Not with my back). For example, here I am dressed as Jerry Saggs, so it's already worth the drive. I've already made up for the poorness of others, for the offensiveness of being a poor parody.








UKFFMark ‏@ukffbilly

I (along with Iandrew Dice Clay and Galdstone Small) am the king of the UKFF. Fuck you if you cannot see this


If he mentioned Bifkin, Houchen and Millard he'd be dead right.


he pic of my dog seems to be getting me over on Plentyoffish. My Metallica tattoo, less so


People love my dog, or Dog as she's called. The other day she dropped arse all over landing, but I can't have a go at Dog. Dog is lovely. Here's the girl.




Now, I'm going on a date on Saturday Night apparently (which is a real loss, because I watch my Memphis tapes on a Saturday). With my Zhukov looks, and if I take Dog...




I'll be banging this made up lady like a Savvy Army drum before we know it. Dog is lovely, isn't she?


Anyway, off down the Corn Mill tonight. Best pub in the world, never mind Llangollen


Cripes, I hate the Corn Mill. In the past I've mentioned a pub called The Mill, but it's The Mill in Cefn Mawr. I hate the Corn Mill. It's expensive, full of tourists, never do their lines, it's full of tourists, and tourists inhabit there. Now, The Mill in Cefn Mawr is disgusting. It's place in the good beer guide is filth. But it's my filth. You wouldn't wank yourself off, but your bellend is inviting. It's yours. It's The Mill. Nothing new, but you know where you are, and you've been going there under closed doors for years anyway.


But welcome to Big Butch's life project of a thread. Please ask away.






Hopefully, I'll have an update tomorrow.

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No. When I was 14 I just thought Butch Reed looked hysterical on my old WWF tapes with his bleach blonde hair, his wild gesticulations, and saying things like "I'M NUMBER ONE, BABY!". Also not being as good as Ron Simmons in Doom. So I signed up to things as ButchReedMark taking the piss. Then I realised after watching a shitload of Mid South that he was fucking amazing.

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My sisters gone to some Polo torunament today with her rich boyfriend Lenny. I don't like Lenny. I've never actually met Lenny. But the fact that Lenny hasn't mad the effort to contact me or give me money is not on. He runs Cruise in Chester. Git.


I'm going to sit in Beer Garden all day today as it's nice.


What made you get the Metallica tattoo?


Being a mongo.


Also how drunk were you when you wrote this



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Well, I was actually out most of the day with Ms Butch.We drank in the sun, it warmed our drinks and made them flat. 1/2*From there we parted ways. It's her Birthday after all, she wanted to go to town, I didn't. But I did meet a friend of Keith Houchen's called Sean O'Brien.DUD. Actually ** for Sean.But then, she came back to my parents house afterwards, and we've quite recently had full penetrative sex.***** MOTYC.

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