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My Best and Worst Match? #1 - WCW


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The old best match threads used to generate some mass debate so I'll have a go again. Format is simple, mention any match you think worthy and the most nominated make a top 10 poll. Just like the awards.


So I'll start these new ones with a promotion rather than a wrestler, just for a change. Actually we might have done this before but if we have, I can't remember. Mention any match worth nominating. Add a reason. Debate other choices, rip them to shreds, post what you like but just make it obvious what you are nominating. Bold it or something. Any match in WCW or under the NWA TV/PPV bracket from 1985 onwards counts.


I'll start with my top 3 best matches:


Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg (Fall Brawl 2000). This is an obvious one but probably in my top 10/20 of all time from any promotion. It's about a million times better than anyone seemed to expect. Probably the first time I really thought Scotty Steiner could be the real deal (he underachieved from here) and easily the best match Goldberg ever had. It's just as rough as fuck and is one of the most believable matches of the decade.




DDP vs. Randy Savage (Spring Stampede 1997). Savage's last great match? Perhaps. Their whole feud was wonderful, cracking interviews and brilliant matches. By far the best thing on WCW TV around that time. It's a pity they didn't really capitalise on Page's momentum for a couple of years, when it was too late. This is an absolute belter. Inspired me to comp the whole feud. Loved doing it.






Sting, Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat & Nikita Koloff vs. Steve Austin, Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton & Larry Zbyszko (Wrestle War 1992). This one will come up on a lot of lists I reckon. One of the best gimmick matches I've ever seen. It's all action all the way. I had no idea of the storyline going in the first time i saw it but I didn't need it, the hatred shone through in the match.




Will have to think about the worst match.

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Top 3

I'm not really good at explaining stuff like this, but I'll try my best.

Goldberg Vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Halloween Havoc 1998


I just love this match because it is so different to the sort of matches Goldberg is most known for, plus the crowd are so into it.

Sting Vs. Big Van Vader - Great American Bash 1992


It's just a really great match. The brilliant commentary work by the enthusiastic Jim Ross helps it a lot as well.

Sting Vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Monday Nitro (4/26/1999)


Another good one, and it shows that Sting was still capable of having really good matches whist doing the crow gimmick. It also shows that WCW still had potential if circumstances where different to have bounced back and went back head to head with the WWF in terms of putting on quality material.


I can't think of a really bad one at the moment, when I think of one I'll put it here.

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Is there a general consensus that he turned shit when he ditched the colourful attire and paint? If so, it’s the first I’ve heard of it.

No, no of course not. I love all of that stuff. It's just there seems to be a general consensus that he didn't have as many classics after his year off for the build to Starrcade '97 as he did before. My point is that, this stands out as one of those that he did have during that time.

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He didn't seem to have good matches afterward, the gimmick seemed to preclude it - I did always enjoy Sting brawling with masses of people, though - he was very, very good at making it seem like this average-sized (in the Crow gimmick, he was noticeably smaller than

) guy was able to handle multiple attacks at once.
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The best match is easily Wargames 1992. It had everything you could want from a violent match. Blood. Plenty of good storytelling. A HOT as hell crowd. Ten guys in the match who were all pretty fucking good. And a great blowoff to everything.


As for worst, the scaffold match with Shane Douglas and Billy Kidman was pretty horrific, as was the human torch match with Sting and Vampiro, but Halloween Havoc 1998 and the Warrior vs. Hogan match is my winner.

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The Mega Powers (Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage) defeated The Alliance to End Hulkamania (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Meng, The Barbarian, Lex Luger, Kevin Sullivan, Z-Gangsta and The Ultimate Solution) (with Woman, Miss Elizabeth and Jimmy Hart) in a Doomsday Cage match (25:16)


- Savage pinned Flair after Luger "accidentally" punched Flair with a glove.


The worst match ever.

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Hogan vs Goldberg at the dome - biggest crowd for WCW, white hot emotion, the whole episode of Nitro booked to (WCW) perfection with the hall angle before and Goldberg going over clean while Heenan is going nuts on commentary.


Liger vs Pillman - Superbrawl II - Best opening match ever in WCW


Steiners vs Sting and Lugar - superbrawl - great match crap endin


worst matches


Doomsday cage

The triple deck cage match involving david Arquette and Kanyon trying to kill himself (cant remember the PPV)

Any match involving Van Hammer

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