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Wrestling t-shirts by the fans - for the fans.

Snitsky's back acne

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Ever wanted a 'Cena's Lady Parts' t-shirt? Or a 'Two Bellas, one Cup' t-shirt?




Who can blame you.


I'm sure the ukff can do better than that. So, come on you clever bunch, here is the chance for you to come up with your own wrestling t-shirt designs.


I'm expecting greatness.

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Since WWF didn't do it back in 2000, I had a t-shirt made that had "The Mood Is About To Change" on the front of it. It wasn't as bad as I expected.

Tazz had an orange T-Shirt out with it on. My stepdad still has his and wears it regularly.



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Can't imagine t-shirt printing sites would make what I have in mind, maybe they would but at a high price. Basically, as a kid I always wanted t-shirts of wrestlers outfits. So almost direct replicas but in standard printed tshirt form and in some cases polo shirts.


Ideas I had:


Original big boss man blue shirt

Nails orange top half of jump suit

Dudley boys camo shirt (possibly released)

Million dollar man top half of tux

Y2j hokey top (possibly released)

Earthquake singlet in tshirt form


Other ideas (mainly a black tshirt and White silhouette of large face print)


Screaming meng

Scary grin Evil doink

Angry Big vis

Crazy pillman loose cannon

Shouting Bam bam bigelow



Just off the top of my head

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