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So this Metallica/Lou Reed business...

Mr. Seven

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It's going to be amazing isn't it? The album is EIGHTY-SEVEN MINUTES LONG. Eighty-seven. 87 minutes. The track titles are hilarious too. 'Cheat On Me' , 'Mistress Dread' , 'Pumping Blood'. Lou Reed has already said it's the greatest thing anyone has ever done musically, while James and Kirk have admitted that he made them weep (which isn't hard to do these days).


Still not convinced? Check this shit out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZhnTY_tdeU...player_embedded


I've heard it about 57 times since Monday and I laugh harder every time.



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Death magnetic was a not half bad album, and the black album had some good tunes on it (though I could quite happily live the rest of my life without hearing sandman again).

Lou reed's a bit special, and metallica are doing alot better than they have in ages, quite excited about this.

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Wow, had no idea this was going on til I saw this thread, Metallica have been shit since after ...And Justice for all, this is a hilariously cringe inducing low that will go down as one of the worst things in popular music history


That's quite the reaction to a 30 second preview.


Honestly I'm not normally the type but come on.

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