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The "Music Featured in Wrestling" Playlist Thread


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Okay so here goes, wanted to start a thread about the music in wrestling, whether it be used for PPV's, promos, hype videos or whatever. Think of a song that was at the start of a PPV, put it in here. Is there a memorable moment in wrestling defined by the music of a PPV. Now I'll only accept theme music if its by a proper band like say Edge's theme by Alter Bridge as we don't want another thread about theme music. So whatever your taste in music if there is something you like put it in here (and preferably with the accompanying video but it can just be the song on youtube or whatever)


so here goes, to start off


- Vengeance 2002


Big Mother Thruster - Tattoo - Tough Enough and Maven's Theme


- WWE Desire Videos


- WWE RAW Theme 2006 - 2009


- Survivor Series 2002


- Royal Rumble 2008
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I seem to recall WWE using two Fear Factory tracks on a 1998 PPV in the promo for the six-pack challenge. If memory serves me correctly, they were 'Edgecrusher' and 'Timelessness'


It was at Unforgiven 99 and you are correct on the tracks.



Here are some more...


"Alive" by POD (Rock Desire vid)



"Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix (Hollywood Hogan entrance theme)


"Live For The Moment" by Monster Magnet (Matt Hardy V1 entrance theme)

"St Anger" by Metallica (SummerSlam 2003 theme)


"Nothing Left To Lose" by Puddle Of Mudd *Rumble 2004 theme



"Amerika" by Rammstein (Bash 2004 theme)

"Summertime Blues" Rush cover (SummerSlam 2004 theme)


"Enemy" by Fozzy (No Way Out 2005 theme)

"Hurt" by Johnny Cash (Eddie Guerrero tribute video #2)



I might update this rather than post more replies.

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As a life long rock music fan and former nightclub rock/metal DJ there is only one answer to this for me.. ECW! Yeah i know ECWwas a promotion, but they really used some unbelievable music for video packages and entrance themes. To me they used music in a way that hadnt been done previously and has been emulated ever since. There were very bfew tracks used in ECW i didnt like, to this day i still love a lot of those tracks too.. hell, i was at a club on Friday rockin out to 'Snap Your Fingers'...

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