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Wrestlers in Bands


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Something I've been thinking about, how many past or present pro-wrestlers are involved in bands (or at least have been).


Jimmy Hart was in The Gentry's, Chris Jericho has Fozzy, Assassin from the IWF is in Convolution and Chuck Palumbo (of Billy and Chuck fame) is in Vyrus. Larry Rivera from XPW is also in Brujeria.


You could probably make a decent compilation, can you think of any more?

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I'm sure Alex Shelley is in a a band with Petey Williams what happened to him. Bulk out the UK pitbulls was in a band can't remember the name. Jeff Hardy is in Peroxygen or some shite like that. Lita is in Luchagors. Hulk Hogans wrestling boot band :D.


I believe Bulk is the drummer in Kunt and The Gang.

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