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Get ya kits out!


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I remember having this one. I went for trails for the school team in this as well. All my mates complained they couldn't pick me out very well, so I never got on the team* But I remember really liking it. 30 bastard quid my Mam paid for this as well.



I used to love this one as well. This was the keeper top, which went with the grey shirt. Schmikes never wore this again after they dumped the grey kit, which I never knew why. I understand fucking off the grey kit, but the keeper shirt was class.



And my all time favourite, which made you feel like the king of the classroom was the Schmeichel green and blue shirt. Strutting around in this for about 3 years is a memory that still makes me grin. How you wore it depended on whether you were a Schmeichel or a Pilkington in life. I'd wear it now, if it still fit.


What's yours?






*that was a lie. Its because I was shit :(

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Probably this. One of my first;




this too;




And from my own team;




Also loved my Croatia shirt from Euro 1996, Mexico from USA '94 (no, not that one, that was France '98), Aberdeen one from the late 80s with the shaded squares and a JVC sponsor that had to get ironed on, and an old Everton away kit i had from the early 90s, it was white with Silver/grey vertical stripes and blue shorts & socks. My favourite Scotland one was that white one with a really messy red and purple pattern on the chest. Pretty hideous in hindsight though :)

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Stopped watching football in 1997 (spent a year at university on a campus that didn't show much sports, I didn't have my own TV and I didn't know too many other fans - once you do that, it's like a soap opera, and actually quite difficult to get back into), but have an immense fondness for this shirt. And yes, I wore it with the collar up.

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Coventry have a couple of WTF away kits over the years - and I totally owned them. Such as...








I also owned this beauty that I proudly wore almost daily over a summer




I also have this




but I wanted this:(





I always loved that black United away shirt. And the blue and white one they had too.

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I still wear this shirt on occassion. Mine is a bit more tatty, but it's my all time favourite jersey...

The amount of Ferguson 9's I got on jerseys through the years...until he became number 24 and 10.

Worst one ever was getting Cadamarteri 29...that cost a pretty penny for an 18 year old student.



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Bit basic like, but great memories of some great games in the Division One title winning season and few in the Prem season. Sadly a relegation shirt too, but still one of my fave tops.


After a holiday in Spain in 1998-ish, we had a trip to Camp Nou for the day and I bagged one of these, seen here tastefully modelled by the Bulgarian legend Hristo Stoichkov, who's name and number 8 number I had donned on the back.



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