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Flair pulled out of UK tour?

Kata Ha Jime

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Just posted in the UK tour thread:


It appears that Ric Flair has left the TNA UK tour. The word making the rounds among the overseas crew is that Flair was upset because TNA would not give him a draw. Flair did not board the bus to leave Ireland for Germany.


Powell's POV: The talk is that Flair wanted a financial advance and when his request was rejected by the tour manager Craig Jenkins, he felt disrespected and opted to leave. It's still possible that the situation could be resolved, but the crew is under the impression that he has left the tour.

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By Mike Johnson on 2011-01-25 16:08:59

Ric Flair missed today's TNA house show event in Berlin, Germany after sources within the company described to me as "Flair refusing to get on the plane to Germany".


There were a number of stories making the rounds as to what the exact issue was, but TNA sources have confirmed there was some sort of blow-up between Flair and a member of TNA Management in Dublin, Ireland.


"He threw a fit," said the source, who would speak only under condition of anonymity. "He was playing 'Nature Boy' on the tour and got pissed off and threw a tantrum. As far as we all know, he's in Dublin still. He said he wasn't coming and he wasn't in Berlin."


This wouldn't be the first time we've heard of a Flair outburst since he signed with TNA a year ago, although most were incidents after events that wouldn't have caused a change to scheduled cards.


Flair was not advertised to wrestle in Berlin, but is advertised as teaming with Kazarian against Douglas Williams & Matt Morgan.on 1/27 in Glasgow, Scotland.


When reached at the TNA offices in Nashville, TNA's head of publicity, Steven Godfrey noted, "TNA does not comment on personnel matters."

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As useless as he is in the ring nowadays I had wanted to say I'd seen him wrestle.


Since there's no Joe or AJ on the tour and no Guns V Beer Money matchup now I better see Angle in the ring or there's no way in hell I will be getting anything near my

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