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The 2010 PS50

Happ Hazzard

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50: Jack Swagger.

49: Jeff Hardy

48: Max Buck

47: Edge

46: Shawn Michaels

45: Jeremy Buck

44: C.M Punk

43: Eddie Edwards

42: The Miz

41: Sheamus

40: Jay Briscoe

39: Kaz Hayashi

38: James Storm

37: Roderick Strong

36: Mark Briscoe

35: Togi Makabe

34: Robert Roode

33: Satoshi Kojima

32: Yamato

31: Kenny Omega

30: Kevin Steen

29: Christian

28: Daisuke Sekimoto

27: Claudio Castagnoli

26: Daniel Bryan

25: Pac

24: Chris Hero

23: Chris Jericho

22: Naruki Doi

21: El Generico


19: Randy Orton

18: Kota Ibushi

17: A.J Styles

16: BxB Hulk

15: Rey Mysterio

14: Hirooki Goto

13: Cima

12: Shinsuke Nakamura

11: Alex Shelley

10: Seth Rollins

9: Chris Sabin

8: Naomichi Marafuji

7: Go Shiozaki

6: Shingo Takagi

5: Takashi Sugirura

4: Prince Devitt

3: Hiroshi Tanahashi

2: Davey Richards

1: Kurt Angle


To summarise:


Rey Mysterio at #15 is the highest rank WWE wrestler. (I don't count Seth Rollins because he hasn't been on TV yet).

Only 9 out of the top 50 are WWE wrestlers.

Only 2 of the top 25 are WWE wrestlers.

Pac is the loan British representitive, no Doug Williams, Desmond Wolfe, William Regal.



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I'm surprised Punk is so low after the quality of matches he had with Misterio. I also expected Kojima to be higher, and I'm surprised to see the Guns so high. But then knowing PS, maybe I'm not.

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Generation Me? Really? How can you possibly explain them being on the list but The Undertaker and Wade Barrett don't make it. I know Taker how had time off, but Gen Me were also off TV for ages and HBK has only wrestled 3 months this year. Also no Mr Anderson who has had a great year.


Controversial, No. Stupid and Smarky, yes.

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Generation Me? Really? How can you possibly explain them being on the list but The Undertaker and Wade Barrett don't make it.

The funniest thing about Generation Me's inclusion is that he thinks one of them is better than Shawn Michaels and Edge and the other isn't.


I wonder if these rankings will be reflected in the magazine's content from now on, and Shingo Tagaki will be getting more page space than the likes of Undertaker and Barrett, who weren't good enough to make the list. I doubt it. Fin's just acting the cunt or edging closer to a meltdown.


I've just noticed that Christian's on there as well! I wonder what the logic is for including him, rather than any of the other Smackdown midcard bores, in the 50.

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Very controversial indeed. I have to agree with Kurt Angle being number 1 this year though, his match with Mr. Anderson at Lockdown is up there with his Stone Cold match at Summerslam 2001 for me. I would have liked to have seen them do it without all the Japanese workers, just to see if Cena would have made the final 50 or not though, whilst on the subject, why would Edge be on there and not John Cena? I understand that this is just about actual wrestling, but Edge has had a terrible year, and hasn't wrestled a single good match since his injury in July 2009. Cena though, was involved in that 4 star match at Wrestlemania with Batista, which at least should put him ahead of Edge. The Undertaker being left off the list as well makes me angry, if it's December to November, then he had good clashes with Batista and Rey Mysterio at the end of 2009/beggining of 2010, had his epic Wrestlemania rematch with Shawn Michaels, and had a decent brawl with Kane at Night Of Champions in September.

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Yeah, it's a really stubborn and childish list.


It's a magazine that mostly covers WWE, I'm sure well over 95% of the readers are regular WWE watchers over all else, but it operates under the ethos of 'We hate WWE wrestlers'.


Yes, we know that ROH and Japanese wrestlers wrestle longer and more technical matches, but FFS that's how it's booked. This isn't 1994 anymore and wrestling isn't just about 'In ring performance'. Everyone who reads Powerslam will know that.


If you're going to do a Top 50, base it around more than just the stuff outwith a wrestler's control (i.e. how long he's allowed to wrestle for).


Actually, having had a brief look at the rest of the magazine, the whole thing is becoming tiresome. All this 'Vince McMahon buried JR on air through his mouthpiece Michael Cole. JR should have had the guts to say something' and a from the quotes section, the quote "CM Punk made his name as an announcer for NXT", is followed by the line "Michael Cole, trying to erase from history Punk's commentary work in ROH". Seriously?


When WWE bury guys that 'The Internet' fawn over, they should also include Powerslam.


In many ways, Fin Martin is the ultimate Smart-Mark.

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The lists have always been shit, but I'm confused by some of the criticism. People are complaining about the lack of WWE wrestlers, but they aren't saying which WWE wrestlers are missing. And it's not like PS historically ignores WWE wrestlers when it comes to these things. If anything, when I used to read it, they used to favour WWE wrestlers. Like that year everyone was mocking them because Bubba Dudley finished above Jushin Liger.


I don't watch much wrestling anymore, so I can't really comment. Other than to say that Chris Sabin and Takashi Sugiura must have improved a lot since I stopped watching.

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And that's another reason to make me glad I don't buy it any more :-)

It's like having a football 'team of the season' with only 2 players from the premier league. Just because the writers support Barnet & the Swiss league, for example.


If they're going down the specialist route then fine. I will never be interested in japanese wrestling, and when I did buy the magazine they never spent much space reviewing the events with the japanese guys that now appear in their cute little list.

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