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The moment you thought about quitting wrestling


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At that moment did you seriously consider stopping watching wrestling? Even if you loved WCW and hated WWF, there's surely no way on earth that you didn't want to know what was going to happen in the coming weeks/months?


I agree, not only did i consider quitting wrestling i pretty much did until TNA's emergence. And no i had no interest in watching a WWF-ified WCW, even that last Nitro was terrible - it was rushed and concentrated way too heavily on what was going on in the WWF.


Though i can understand why given the WWF's plans to use WCW in their upcoming invasion storyline. But for real WCW fans we watched it because it was different, it WASN'T WWF and thus when Vince bought it WCW truly died, and tbh i'm still sad we never got the closure on WCW, one last night with all the champions etc. would have been great.

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This was the night WWE really solidified themselves as overly PG, and it sucked. Cryme Tyme actually looked credible, Cena looked like a bad-ass thug (which has been super rare since 2003) and it was a hot angle that the crowd was getting into. Then they spray-painted the word "poopy". I know it's PG, but come on? Poopy? They couldn't write "crap" at least? You could feel the live crowd dying at that moment, and I died a little inside.

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