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The 2010 UKFF UK50(+) - Results

Big Benny HG

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QUOTE (Big Benny HG @ Aug 26 2010, 23:06)

"Match with Micken in SWA's Gathering last year was great, considering Micken is awful"


"Had a feud with Micken and STILL had no bad matches in the year"



Gotta wonder if Micken is gonna make the shitlist on this evidence. Would be harsh !


Especially considering he has been away 7 months of the last 12

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No. 28 - Kid Fite

Score: 125 points

Total 1st place rankings in 2010 votes: 0

2009 ranking: 43rd

2008 ranking: 45th

2007 ranking: not listed

2006 ranking: not listed

2005 ranking: not listed




Who is he?

The brains behind the PBW promotion (though continuing to never appear on his own shows) and the SPWA training school, Kid Fite has appeared in Scotland, England and in mainland Europe over the last 12 months. Whether as a singles wrestler (where he has reigned as BCW Openweight Champion) or as part of the Fight Club tag team with Liam Thomson (who held the 1PW Tag Team Titles), Fite's apearances have impressed the UKFF faithful as he achieves his highest ever UKFF UK50 ranking in his 3rd consecutive appearance.....


In BCW, Fite beat BT Gunn in October and Lightning Kid in December to retain his Openweight title. To start 2010, he held an Open Invitational in Ayr, in which he beat down 3 of his trainees in quick and convincing succession. The humiliation was ended when BT Gunn emerged to challenge him, and the pair engaged in a wild scrap all over the ringside area. A further OW Title defence, against Steven Xavier, followed in March. In May, Fite and Gunn fought in the tag main event of a BCW show held just over the border in Carlisle. Later that month in Ayr, Fite ran out and attacked Chris Rampage during a match. BT Gunn again made the save, setting up an angle where Fite ended up in a match with touring former WWE star Kevin Thorne. In a non-title bout, Fite came out on the losing end. This led directly into the Ladder Match for the Openweight strap in Kilmarnock in June, where Fite's reign came to an end at the hands of Gunn.....


Down in England's 1PW, Fite and Liam Thomson were aligned with heel General Manager Adam Curtis in his feud with former charge Lionheart. In Sheffield in July 2010, Fite, Thomson and Big, Bad Dave Moralez beat L'Heart, Mark Sloan and Wade Fitzgerald. "Fight Club" followed this up by facing 1PW tag champions Project Ego (Martin Kirby and Kris Travis) for the straps at the "4th Anniversary Show" in Doncaster, unseating the long-running holders by winning a good match. As champions, Fite and Thomson were the ones to face TNA Wrestling's top tag act Beer Money Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) at the Liverpool Olympiain May. There, Fight Club came out on the losing end, but the disqualification finish meant that they kept the belts. With 1PW closing its doors after the event, Fite was recognised as the last ever 1PW Tag Team Champion.....


Elsewhere, Fite has made appearances for SWA, AllStar, W3L, SPW, ICW, Wrestlezone and SSoW in his homeland, and travelled to England for West Yorkshire promotions DPW and SSW, Cumbria's TTP, and the ill-fated West Midlands-based Phoenix Pro Wrestling. He has also appeared in Denmark and Germany as ties between PBW, SSW and other European promotions continue to be strengthened.....


What did the UKFF think?

"Looks like he will kick your head in at a moment's notice"

"He looks like a psycho wrestler and acts like one. A convincing hardman"

"Good wrestler who can work a crowd, somehow got a reaction at the dead Phoenix Pro card"

"Another good year from Fite. Good on him"

"Ready to explode in the next year or two, gimmick in ICW is amazing"

"Strong run as the top team in 1PW, putting on some really good matches"

"When I first saw Fite and Thomson over 2 years ago I wasn

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No. 27 - Paul Malen

Score: 128 points

Total 1st place rankings in 2010 votes: 0

2009 ranking: 50th

2008 ranking: 26th

2007 ranking: not listed

2006 ranking: not listed

2005 ranking: not listed



Photo - Tony Knox


Who is he?

Stixx-trained East Midlands grappler has continued to be a regular on SLAM Wrestling and House of Pain shows (where Malen teams with Adrenaline in "The Fast and the Fearless"), as well as other shows across the north. On a national level, however, Paul Malen has been best known over the past 12 months for reaching the level where he has now formed a full-time tag team with his mentor Stixx. Snarling as they march to the ring, draped in chains and dog collars, "S&M" have established themselves as tag contenders in IPW:UK and FWA. Malen himself makes his 3rd appearance in the UKFF UK50, advancing dramatically on his 50th ranking in 2009, but not quite equalling the 26th he earned two years ago.....


On the New FWA's debut show in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire last August, Stixx and Malen walked out announced and made a statement by crushing Retro Pop (Dave Rayne and Sam Bailey) in a quick squash match. They destroyed fellow HoP students Daredevil Dragons (Shane Spiral and Flyin' Ryan) in similar fashion the following month on a minor show in Dorset, but faced their first real competition at FWA's October show back in Hoddesdon in the form of reigning 1PW Tag Team Champions Project EGo (Martin Kirby and Kris Travis). Though S&M won the match, the bout was over-complicated and over-booked (in an attempt to establish and get over the FWA's new tag division rules) to the point that no-one could follow or understand what was happening..... Malen and Stixx next turned up in Sittingbourne in November for IPW:UK. As unannounced last-minute replacements for previously scheduled Hubba Bubba Lucha (El Ligero and Bubblegum), S&M challenged the LDRS of the New School (Zack Sabre Jr and Marty Scurll) for the Undisputed British Tag Team Titles. A fast-paced bout ended withut a clear winner, as Malen and Stixx were disqualified for use of their chains..... Back in FWA that same month, Stixx and Malen were faced with all 3 of their previous tag opponents in the promotion in a 4-way elimination bout. As with before, S&M wiped out Daredevil Dragons and Retro Pop with relative ease, before the confusing FWA rules came into effect (a yellow card equals a first warning, a RED CARD only equals a second warning, and then a SECOND RED CARD is an actual disqualification.... but ONLY for the member of the team who actual had received that 3rd card, who must leave the match and leave their partner to fight without them), Stixx was DQed, and Malen came a cropper at the hands of ProEgo.....


FWA's first show of 2010 was back at the Broxbourne Civic Hall in Hoddesdon. The situation surrounding the disqualifications in their previous two bouts meant that Malen, Stixx, Kirby and Travis were to settle their issue in a no-DQ tag bout. S&M were to get their comeuppance, however, as Retro Pop and Daredevil Dragons ran out to earn a measure of revenge for their previous beatings, tieing Stixx to the entranceway with his own chain. Exactly the same as the last show, Malen was left 2-on-1 against Kirby and Travis, who quickly put him away..... S&M returned to Sittingbourne the following weekend for IPW:UK's annual "No Escape" show, where they were matched with touring US indy wrestlers Cheech and Cloudy. It was the tiny Americans that got the win in a fun little bout..... Despite the loss, Stixx and Malen's next appearance in the promotion, in June for "Unfinished Business", involved an Undisputed British Tag Team Title shot against the LDRS. S&M failed to take the belts, in a really good match. Back in their hometown of Nottingham the week after, it was back to business as usual in FWA as Malen and Stixx again beat down and defeated the Daredevil Dragons.....


As a singles wrestler, Malen defeated partner Stixx in Holmfirth in February to become SSW's representative in the tournament to crown a first "Union of European Wresting Associations" European Champion. As such, Malen advanced to the one-night, 8-man tournament in Germany in April. Malen was eliminated in his quarter final by Danish champion Chaos (who would go on the eventually lose to AllStar Wrestlings Bad News/Rampage Brown in the final).....


What did the UKFF think?

"Was one of the best "undiscovered" guys until he appeared in FWA and everyone could see him"

"Solid worker. Not a junior partner to Stixx in any way, in my opinion. Worked extensively in the Midlands and starting to work all over and in Europe as well"

"Love his work with Stixx. I feel Malen's character at the moment is golden. Good heel, solid worker, and also he has a chain!"

"Although known on the scene, in my opinion is under rated, in my local promotions that I see him in he is great as a face and being able to do the little things with the crowd. I'm enjoying his heel role with Stixx in FWA and the times I've seen him and Conners team just able to garner heat"

"Great performer with skilled work"

"Really impressed with this man's work, whether working as face or heel. As a heel, he is developing into a psychotic & devious type character, yet he can still pull off the heroic babyface role very effectively also. With Stixx's guidance, Malen has developed into a unique personality who I'm sure will eventually be allowed the opportunity to branch out into the FWA as a singles star"

"Really good all-rounder, great as face or heel working for Rebel Pro Wrestling and UKW"

"Lesser known half of tag team with Stixx, though a solid singles worker in own right. Just starting to wrestle in Europe"

"Very underrated guy who is being given a good run alongside the experienced and equally underrated Stixx, shame he didn't go further in the UEWA tournament"

"Really underrated wrestler, can work great as a heel or a babyface, his tag teams with Conners in XWCA and Stixx in FWA are really good and has an It factor about him"



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No. 26 - James Mason

Score: 130 points

Total 1st place rankings in 2010 votes: 0

2009 ranking: 28th

2008 ranking: not listed

2007 ranking: not listed

2006 ranking: not listed

2005 ranking: 18th



Photo - Tony Knox


Who is he?

One of the busiest, most respected and most talented wrestlers across the entire UK circuit, James Mason is a long-time regular performer for Brian Dixon's All Star Wrestling. As well as that promotion's touring shows, Mason has also appeared in the 2010 UKFF UK50 period for Welsh Wrestling, LDN, Live American Wrestling and Plex Wrestling and others. James rises two places on last year's ranking in his 2nd consecutive appearance in the UK50, though his earlier 2005 ranking remains his highest entry to date.....


In All Star, Mason has faced virtualy all of the regulars and touring guests in halls all over the land, including Robbie Dynamite, Drew McDonald, Brody Steele, Dean Allmark and Martin Stone. He was part of a regular touring main event in which he teamed with midget Little Legs to face monstrous heel Karl Krammer around the circuit, and teamed with Domino for a short series of bouts against TNA's British Invasion of Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus..... In a surprisingly out-of-place high quality main event for Peter Staniforth's Luton-based Power Trip Wrestling, Mason faced off with British wrestling icon Johnny Kidd in November..... Back in July 2009, James defeated American star Colt Cabana in a thoroughly entertaining bout at IPW:UK's "Summer Sizzler 2009" in Sittingbourne. He was brought back for the promotion's "5th Anniversary Show" in September, where he was part of a 4-man gauntlet match for a future title shot. Mason opened the series by defeating Scotland's Lionheart in a decent contest, but was beaten in the next stage by Martin Stone (who would go on to win the whole thing, next beating Jon Ryan). At this point established as a regular on IPW:UK's Sittingbourne shows, Mason faced "Physical Specimen" Joel Redman, a member of The Thrillers lead heel group, at "Brawl at the Hall" in November. With Thrillers manager Gilligan Gordon absent (supposedly scouting for new Thrillers talent), Redman surprised fans by treating the match as a clean, fair, sporting contest full of respect for his opponent. Mason beat the up-and-comer in an enthralling bout, and the pair shook hands following the pinfall..... Mason and Redman were rematched in Redman's DWA promotion. Taking place in Tiverton in May 2010, the contest was fought under classic Mountevans rules, requiring 2 pinfalls or submissions over 6 5-minute rounds. It was Mason that emerged victorious again, defeating Redman 2-falls-to-1.....


What did the UKFF think?

"Probably the most consistent wrestler in the last 10 years. Very similar style to Dynamite, technically sound action but much more fast paced and entertaining than the "cute reversal" shit a lot of the World of Sport guys do"

"Still Britain's true number one"

"His match with Joel Redman for DWA in Tiverton had the whole crowd on its feet"

"I don't feel I need to go into much detail: if you have ever seen Mason wrestle you will understand, and if you haven't then you really are missing out"

"Makes a living from wrestling, good wrestler also and travelled the world doing what he loves doing"

"Old school as they come but, damn: what a wrestler. I've seen him live a few times now and the man just oozes class. I doubt there are many 'old school' British guys about nowadays who can go like he can. IPW:UK bring him back and FWA get him in"

"Series with JD Knight for Welsh Wrestling has been excellent"

"Welsh Heavyweight Champion, winning the belt at Harlech Castle less than a year after the death of his longtime promoter and friend Orig Williams. Offence is still as credible and impressive as anyone in the country. Often pulls double-duty on shows, allowing twice as many workers to gain from his experience. A humble bloke who has seen much in the business but is still enthused by it every show he works on"

"Everything he does looks good because he strips wrestling back to its core and it accentuates his positives. Gets a better crowd reaction from simple movements than others do for more complex and dangerous moves, simply because he knows what he is doing"

"Smooth-as-fuck technical skills are a pleasure to watch"

"Smooth as silk and solid as a rock"

"Sublime mat worker, far more than his "shall I?" routine often lets him show. In the right match, his british/lucha style mat work is spellbinding. One of the scene's most consistent workers"

"Brilliant worker and it's a crime he's so overlooked"

"Fantastic wrestler, all rounded seasoned veteran still going strong doing what he loves for a living"



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25 down, 25 to go. We're at the halfway stage, meaning that somewhere in the rankings still to be revealed are:


(alphabetical order)

Alex Shane


Cameron Kraze

CJ Banks


Dave Mastiff

El Ligero

Joel Redman

Joey Hayes

Johnny Moss

Jonny Storm

Kris Travis

Leroy Kincaide

Liam Thomson


Mad Man Manson

Mark Haskins

Martin Kirby

Martin Stone

Marty Scurll

RJ Singh



Terry Frazier

Zack Sabre Jr


Have the UKFF voted a fair top 25? Has the UKFF got it completely wrong?


While you ponder that, it's time to change direction for a short while.....




As you are aware, the purpose behind the UKFF UK50 each year is to recognise, acknowledge and rank who the UKFF believe to be the very best currently around the UK wrestling scene. While we rightfully recognise such wrestlers each year, it remains a sad and sorry situation that there are still many supposed wrestlers out there, appearing on shows, which are very much the polar opposite of those that are ranked in the UKFF UK50. While not wanting to steal a phrase, the word "shitarse" seems to best sum up these complete disgraces to the UK wrestling industry. I have maintained throughout this project that I believe understanding and recognising the worst of the worst creates context and a bottoming-out base level by which quality can be judged.


As part of the nominations process this year at Stage One, UKFFers were also asked if they wished, to submit "negative nominations" for those they felt encapsulated the exact opposite of the ranking criteria. These negative nominations were kept seperate from the main UKFF UK50 process and have contributed to an interesting little side project which is effectively a "shit list".


A massive total of 161 individual wrestlers received at least one negative nomination for the shit list. Some of these only received a single nomination. Some of them also ended up in the main "positive" UKFF UK50. After the nominations, however, a clear list of 20 names was apparent. As a point of interst and contrast against the main UKFF UK50 rankings, it is now time to reveal who the UKFF believes to be the absolute worst in British wrestling.


The main UKFF UK50 rankings were decided based upon:

- who is able to capture and maintain the audience's interest with their performance?

- whose performance is able to allow the audience to become emotionally invested in the match they are seeing and legitimately care about the outcome?

- who is able to tell the best in-ring story through their performance?


The UKFF voters believe that the names that will be revealed now display absolutely none of those qualities.......


The descriptions, comments and stories given against each of the 20 are taken from the comments provided by UKFFers with the initial shitlist nominations.




~~SHITLIST - No. 13(equal) - Shane Spiral~~



(Front - with Flyin' Ryan)


Trains with Nottingham's House of Pain wrestling academy, and is one half of the Daredevil Dragons tag team with Flyin' Ryan. As such, Shane has appeared for House of Pain,

Power Trip Wrestling and, most notably, the new FWA, where he is normally matched against his trainer Stixx in tag bouts.....


Shane manages to annoy fellow wrestlers on shows he is working by constantly asking them what moves they are going to be doing in their matches for him to avoid doing. An admirable thought, you would think, and a sign of someone who knows and understands his role on the card... excpet that Shane pounces on wrestlers immediately as they enter the building to ask them, when they have most likely not even seen their opponent, let alone had time to discuss or even think about what they are going to be doing.....


Despite being tag team partners, Shane and Ryan are apparently ultra-competitive with each other in real life. This was presumably escalated by the fact that Shane's girlfriend dumped him for the lad she'd been seeing behind his back...Ryan..... This competitive edge usually manifests itself as such that in all their tag matches, rather than working as a team, they try to steal each other's spotlight and try to out-fly, out-perform and out-flip each other. For example, a match last year was supposed to have Ryan scoring the win with a 450 splash. Not to be out- done, Shane went to top his partner by hitting a dive just before Ryan's at the end of the match - but it was no ordinary dive, it was a phoenix splash from the top rope onto a single opponent on the floor. Thing is, though, in doing so, he actually broke his ankle on landing.....


"See Suwa's promo on British wrestling. They are OK, at best, when they are the ones in peril, but their offense looks weak and I only worry that someones going to get hurt"



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~~SHITLIST No. 13(equal) - Dave Rayne~~




Alex Shane protege, who runs the FutureShock Wrestling Promotion and Manchester wrestling school. Rayne was taken out by a heel-turning-Shane at FSW's 5th anniversary show last year and hasn't featured in-ring for the promotion since. He has, however, had a main event run in Hull's New Generation Wrestling and brought his Retro Pop tag team with Sam Bailey to the FWA. His signature moves are the Rayne Check twisting x-factor and his series of elbow strikes where he shouts "BOSH!".


"Wrestling ability on a downward spiral"

"Fat, dumpy smug-faced moron. His selling makes him look like even more of a moron, if that's possible"

"Looks like a complete suck-up to Alex Shane by the way he follows him around"

"His offence in matches consists of forearms where he shouts BOSH in an attempt to get this and him over with the fans. The fact is, however, that this is not over with the crowd and never, ever has been with any crowd ever. And neither has he. It wouldn't be as bad if his forearms strikes actually looked the slightest bit convincing!!"



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~~SHITLIST - No. 13(equal) - Surf Graffiti~~




Yorkshire-based wrestler who has made appearances for 3CW on Teesside and GNP/NBW in Derbyshire.


EDIT: Removed (see later post)


"This guy's ego for the time he has actually been in the business is unbelievable. Even more so when you consider that, as an in ring performer, the guy is nothing more than the drizzling shits"



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~~SHITLIST - No. 13(equal) - Joey Starr~~




Midlands wrestler who has worked for FCW, EDW, UWA and Wales' BWP.


"Looks the part, but the illusion is shattered the instant he tries to start wrestling"

"Joey Starr is just crap"


(Apologies - I haven't been able to find, or was provided with, much of substance for this guy. Anyone able to tell us more?)



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