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  1. Devitt is a fantastic wrestler, doesn't really have many unique moves, but almost no one hits a move better than he can.
  2. WWE is probably looking to get a share of the market in Japan for the network, publicly signing two of the biggest stars of the Japanese scene will definitely help in that regard. Hadn't thought about the possibility of a Devitt/Kenta team, sounds awesome.
  3. Just to recap, the final results were 1st- Mikey Whiplash 2nd- Joe Coffey 3rd- Liam Thomson 4th- Nikki Storm 5th- Wolfgang 6th- Mark Coffey 7th- BT Gunn 8th- Lionheart 9th- Noam Dar 10th- Damien O Conor 11th- Kid Fite 12th- Andy Wild 13th- Jack Jester 14th- Dickie Divers 15th- Glen Dunbar 16th- Red Lightning 17th- Davey Blaze 18th- James Scott 19th- Kay Lee Ray 20th- Scott Renwick 21st- Lewis Girvan 22nd-Jam O Malley 23rd- Jackie Polo 24th- Carmel Jacob 25th- Grado Thank you to everyone who voted, thank you to all the wrestlers in the top 25 who helped me with the write ups, to David J Wilson for his help and photos, as well as Mike Musso, Kid Fite, James Tyler and especially Damien O'Connor for their input into the write ups as promoters. As you are aware this is the last time the UKFF Scottish Top 25 will be appearing. So all I have left to say is th.......... UkfF ScoTTisH Top 2% #0 THE VERY GOOD .. EUAN G MACKIE ALL HAIL THE VERY GOOD EUAN G MACKIE ....ank you and goodbye
  4. UKFF 2012 SCOTTISH TOP 25 1st Mikey Whiplash 2010 Ranking-Did Not Rank 2011 Ranking- Did Not Rank NEW ENTRY Credit to David J Wilson These are the (mostly) the views of Mikey Whiplash Highlight of 2012- SWA Champion Mikey Whiplash has helped SWA and Source as one of the head trainers of the Source Wrestling school. In turn Whiplash was rewarded when he defeated Andy Anderson in Govan to win the SWA Heavyweight Championship. Since winning it he has remained undefeated in SWA beating Dickie Divers,Christopher Saynt, Johnny Kidd and Jack Gallagher to retain the title. Match of the Year- Mikey Whiplash vs Jack Gallacher: SWA Zero 1 This match is in my personal opinion the best match I have seen live in 2012. A real back and forth match with humour, fantastic technical wrestling and fantastic storytelling, I encourage anyone who enjoys wrestling to watch this video of two of the UK's best workers fighting over the Scottish Heavyweight Championship. Summary of 2012 Mikey Whiplash is one of the few wrestlers to appear in all the established (Sorry James) companies in the West Coast of Scotland. In SWA he won the SWA Title , he also outside that beat Damien O Connor in Paisley and beat Joe Coffey in a cracking 2 out of 3 falls match at SWA's Joe Coffey Fundraiser. In PBW Mikey Whiplash challenged for the PBW title twice failing to beat BT Gunn in singles competition and in a 3 way ladder match with Gunn and Jack Jester. In ICW Whiplash continued in his Transvestite Gimmick, also continuing his feud with Jack Jester, Whiplash and Jester faced of at ICW Square Go with Jester coming out on top before Whiplash defeated Jester in a brutal Last Man Standing match WARNING NSFW Language and Bloody Violence.Between these two matches he wrestled the team of Kay Lee Ray and Carmel,afterwards indoctrinating them into his "Pretty Little Things" alongside Lolita and eventually Jam O Malley, who acted as his personal referee. Outwith this feud Whiplash defeated Kid Fite to earn a number one contenders match with Lionheart which he lost. He also defeated Mark Coffey. Before Kay Lee Ray betrayed him costing him a rematch with Lionheart. He then started a feud with Grado, defeating him by submission with a modified Boston Crab on thumbtacks and M&M's. He then teamed with Jam O Malley to take on Grado and Jester losing to the duo. Whilst he was feuding with Jester in ICW he was teaming with Jester in BCW where he won the BCW Tag Titles against Wolfgang before beating the team of Grado and U-Gene Dinsmore. Whiplash also appeared at W3L where he defeated Mike Musso. Whiplash also wrestled for ASW down south as well as PCW. Promoters view Damien O'Conor- SWA Promoter Kid Fite-PBW Promoter Mike Musso- W3L Promoter Social Media and Merch At present Whiplash has not got any merchandise available You can follow Whiplash on twitter: @mikey_whiplash Mikey Whiplash has a website :http://www.mikeywhiplash.co.uk/ What to expect from the future? Whether as a psychopathic transvestite or a vicious technician Whiplash has proven himself to be one of Scotland's best wrestlers and a deserving winner of the UKFF Scottish Top 25. Great matches are a certainty, one must wonder can any one take the Scottish Heavyweight Championship of him
  5. UKFF 2012 SCOTTISH TOP 25 2nd Joe Coffey 2010 Ranking-17th 2011 Ranking- 5th Up 3 Chosen by Joe Coffey Credit to Sam of Kesteven phtography These are the views of Joe Coffey Highlight of 2012-Japan Trip Joe Coffey had his best year so far in wrestling, the highlight of this has to be when he toured with the Zero-1 Promotion in Japan, a fantastic achievement for any wrestler. During his time in Japan he competed at the World Famous Korakeun Hall, and wrestled on PPV for Zero 1- Teaming with Yasku Obata against James Raideen and Shito Ueda. Match of the Year- Joe Coffey vs Prince Devitt: Clash of the Titans Before his trip abroad Coffey wrestled perhaps the finest wrestler from Europe to wrestle in Japan, Prince Fergal Devitt. In the main event of W3L and SWA's supershow Clash of the Titans Coffey and Devitt had a highly technical and hard hitting encounter where Coffey showed why he is considered to be one of Scotlands top young talents. Summary of 2012 In Joe Coffey's home promotion SWA Coffey started his year by re-winning the SWA Laird of the Ring title he had held through most of 2011 beating Glen Dunbar for the title. He has retained the title for the rest of 2012 beating Liam Thomson, BT Gunn , Dickie Divers, Lewis Girvan, Mark Anthony and drawing with Jack Gallacher when the time limit ran out after 30 minutes, he also drew with Dickie Divers in a Champion vs Champion match, wrestled John "The Bomb" Graham and lost to Mikey Whiplash in a 2 out of 3 Falls match at a fundraiser before his tour of Japan. He also Main Evented Clash of the Titans against Fergal Devitt and teamed with his brother Mark against the Big Hangovers in SWA's Zero-1 Tryout show. Coffey also appeared at ICW starting the year in the same tweener role he has occupied since 2010, this extended to his brother Mark Coffey when they took part in the ICW Tag Team Title tournament beating the team of Noam Dar and Andy Wild before losing to STI in the semi final. After Joe's trip to Japan the Coffey's challenged for the tag team titles in a 4 way tag match with Fight Club, the Bucky Boys and the champions STI. The Coffeys then cut a "shoot promo" at the start of ICW's Santa Gravy show before joining Red Lightnings Save Prowrestling Movement. The three then beat The Bucky Boys and Jimmy Havoc in a 6 man match. Coffey made appearances for PBW as part of the Coffey Brothers defeating Jamie Feerick & Chris Rampage and Grado & JD Bravo before challenging Blaze and Rampage unsuccesfully for the PBW Tag Team Championship. Coffey also made several appearances for BCW Promotion. Most notably (for the wrong reasons) his last match of the year against Johnny Moss where after landing awkwardly (some boards under the canvas of the ring had been put out of place in a previous segment) Joe Coffey hurt his Achilles Ligament an injury for which he may be out for over 6 months. Promoters view Damien O'Conor- SWA Promoter Kid Fite-PBW Promoter Mike Musso- W3L Promoter Social Media and Merch At present Coffey has not got any merchandise available You can follow Coffey on twitter: @Joe_Coffey Joe Coffey also has a youtube page JoeCoffeyWrestling What to expect from the future? For the time being Coffey is out injured, a real shame considering the momentum he had going into the end of the 2012.
  6. Tomorrow I will announce the Winner of the UKFF Scottish Top 25. As you may have noticed whatever happens we will have a first time winner. So who will win Joe Coffey or Mikey Whiplash. Find out .... Tomorrow.
  7. UKFF 2012 SCOTTISH TOP 25 3rd Liam Thomson 2010 Ranking- 1st 2011 Ranking-2nd Down 1 Credit to David J Wilson Liam Thomson has yet to get back to me with his views Highlight of 2012- PBW Champion For years Liam Thomson has been the best wrestler never to win the big one. That injustice was put right at the end of the year when Liam Thomson ended the reign of BT Gunn as PBW Champion. Thomson then retained his title the next night against James Scott Match of the Year-BT Gunn vs Liam Thomson PBW Championship: Live in Dunbarton Almost every match Liam Thomson has is world class , however as his match with BT Gunn was the match with which he won the PBW championship it would be fair to choose this as his best match. I didn't see this match to my shame, however when speaking to sources who were at this match I am informed this match was a back and forth match showing as to be expected from two of the countries very best wrestlers. Summary of 2012 Liam Thomson's has always been on of Scotlands most travelled and respected wrestlers, and this continued in 2012. Thomson made appearances in PBW as a heel main eventing 3 times with the title on the line, missing out on the victory against BT Gunn in Alloa in Febuary before beating both BT Gunn and James Scott. Away from the main event he won a 3 way dance with Chris Rampage and El Ligero at Fully Charged. Beat Andy Wilde at the Pavillion, won another 3 way with Jonathon Gresham and Stevie Xavier. Thomson won a number 1 contenders match at Breaking Limits beating Stevie Xavier, Andy Wild and TJ Rage. Before getting his title match he also beat "Lighning Kid" Mark Andrews and teamed with Carmel to take on the team of El Ligero and Kay Lee Ray.In fact if Thomson wins tonight at PBW's show in Maybole he will have been undefeated in PBW for over a calendar year. In W3L Liam Thomson only made a handful of appearences, Firstly winning the Royal Flush Rumble to become 'King of W3L' and then beat Nathan Black. He then disappeared until November where the King beat El Technico before helping his queen Carmel win the W3L Womens champion. Unfortunately when Carmel tried to repay this back to Thomson in a W3L title match with Mike Musso, Thomson ended up being disqualified. Thomson worked as a face in ICW , which was unusual, what was not unusual however was him teaming with Kid Fite as Fight Club took part in the ICW Tag Team Tournament, reaching the semi finals , where Kid Fite and Johnny Moss (standing in for an injured Thomson) were eliminated. Upon Thomsons return Fight Club then defeated the soon to be crowned Tag Team Champions STI before unsuccessfully challenging for the tag team titles twice. As a singles competitor Thomson was part of the ICW Number 1 Contenders Tournament losing to Lionheart. Thomson also appeared in PWE where he wrestled the Lion Kid and entered the PWE Title tournament losing in the first round to El Ligero. He also teamed with Mikey Whiplash against the team of Magnus and Wolfgang ( ) Thomson also made appearances for BCW wrestling as a face including teaming with Carmel against the team of Red Lightning and Sara. Promoters view Kid Fite-PBW Promoter Mike Musso- W3L Promoter
  8. Thank you for your feedback. I have to say Jam's inclusion to the list surprised me too. I wouldn't call it spitting the dummy since I am actually completing this list and not rage quitting. I agree the list has very little credibility, thats what makes it all the funnier when guys take the results seriously (or rant about how you can't take the results seriously more often than not) and this is part of the reason I am not doing this list on the UKFF next year. I have always said this is a list of Scottish BASED wrestlers, so people like Damien O'Connor, Andy Wild and Mikey Whiplash are as elligible to win as anyone else.
  9. Out of genuine curiosity, why Ironic?
  10. Your point caller? He was also 2nd in the UKFF UK Top 50. Each and every list throws up different results. I'll be honest I was shocked Dar wasn't in the top 3. Speaking of the top 3, tomorrow we enter it. Joe Coffey Liam Thomson Mikey Whiplash Who will win? Find out on Saturday.
  11. UKFF 2012 SCOTTISH TOP 25 4th Nikki Storm 2010 Ranking- 15th 2011 Ranking-10th Up 6 Selected by Nikki Storm. Credit to Laura McKinnon These are the views of Nikki Storm Highlight of 2012-EVE I-PPV= The Nikki Storm Show Nikki Storm's greatest achievement was with the EVE promotion where in their first two iPPV's she opened and ended No Mans Land beating Hannah Blossom, Viper and Kay Lee Ray in the Queen of the Ring Tournament. She then Main Evented their next Pay Per View Wrestlefever beating Alpha Female for the EVE Championship before losing it to Emi Sakura ( ) the Pay Per View is still avaliable to download priced
  12. UKFF 2012 SCOTTISH TOP 25 5th Wolfgang 2010 Ranking- 9th 2011 Ranking-11th Up 6 Credit to David J Wilson These are the views of Wolfgang Highlight of 2012- Face Turn At "So's Yer Maw" Wolfgang began his face turn in ICW, whilst challenging BT Gunn for the ICW Championship fans started cheering Wolfgang a turn that was cemented during the first round of the Tag Team tournament with T2K (and Gold Label) partner James Scott when Wolfgang saved the Bucky Boys manager from an attack by Scott , whilst this turn in itself was not a major change, it did lead to a slow burn feud between the two, where James Scott refused to enter the ring with Wolfgang, needing an opponent in the mean time Wolfgang found himself in the Main Event of ICW Hadouken..... speaking of which. Match of the Year-Wolfgang vs Fergal Devitt The main event of ICW Hadouken was quite possibly the best match of 2012 in Scotland. I could write about this match, but lets be honest, why use words when you can watch it WARNING: NSFW Language Summary of 2012 Wolfgangs year has been a return of form for Wolfgang after a couple of barren years. In PBW Wolfgang was PBW Tag Team Champion with fellow Triple Crown Lionheart. Defeating several teams including Scott Maverick & Red Lightning, Stixx & Colosus Kennedy, Max Angelous & "The only person Alex Shane ever jobbed to" Nathan Cruz and Mikey Whiplash & Johnny Moss. Wolfgang never lost the belts as he was injured. Wolfgang ended the year on two wins against Johnny Moss and TJ Rage. Wolfgang was also an integral part of ICW starting as part of the Gold Label before turning face, he main evented 3 times facing Fergal Devitt, Red Lightning , Noam Dar and Lionheart in a four way for the ICW Title (a match which Wolfgang came within a whisker of winning) and against Lionheart in Lionhearts ICW Retirement match. Wolfgang reformed T2K with James Scott in 3 promotions ICW, where they went out in the first round of the Tag title tournament, SWA where they challenged the WMD's for the tag titles and BCW where they won the BCW Tag Titles before lpsing them when Wolfgang was forced to defend them in a handicap match with Jester and Whiplash (Scott was injured) Promoters view Damien O'Conor- SWA Promoter
  13. We enter the top 5 tomorrow. I can reveal now the top 5 in ALPHABETICAL ORDER is Joe Coffey Liam Thomson Mikey Whiplash Nikki Storm and Wolfgang Who will Win. Find out this week in the last ever UKFF Scottish Top 25
  14. UKFF 2012 SCOTTISH TOP 25 6th Mark Coffey 2010 Ranking- Did Not Rank 2011 Ranking-Did Not Rank New Entry Credit to David J Wilson These are the views of Mark Coffey Highlight of 2012-Japan Bound Mark Coffey has been a stand out star of the year, still in his first three years of wrestling however at the end of 2012 Mark Coffey featured in the main event of SWA's Zero 1 European tryout show (not the Coffeys first tryout at the end of the year, but thats another story : ) alongside his brother Joe against the team of Jordan Devlin and Sean Maxer Despite losing the match Mark Coffey was offered the chance to wrestle for Zero 1 in 2013. Match of the Year-Mark Coffey vs Prince Devitt: SWA Source Mark Coffey has been one of Sources top stars, and this granted him a match with 3 time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion "Prince" Fergal Devitt as part of his double appearance in Scotland in September, the match was the main event and Coffey was able to hang with the Irish Superstar in a fantastic match. Summary of 2012 Mark Coffey has had a fantastic year, SWA has been his home promotion, he started the year under the gimmick Mark Anthony where he challenged for the Laird of the Ring Title (held by Joe Coffey), he teamed with Paul Tracy to challenge the WMDs for the SWA Tag Team Belts, he also reached the final of the Pride Championship tournament in a triple threat with Glen Dunbar and eventual winner Dickie Divers. Afterwards Mark turned face and began appearing under his own name facing Fergal Devitt, taking part in the Battlezone (after saving Johnny Kidd from a post match attack by Mikey Whiplash) and Main Eventing SWA: Zero 1. In PBW Mark appeared with Joe Coffey as a tag team beating the teams of Grado & JD Bravo and Chris Rampage and Jamie Feerick and challenging for the PBW Tag Titles. In ICW Mark debuted at the Square Go before teaming with Joe Coffey as a pair of tweener ass kickers, reaching the semi finals of the ICW Tag Tournament and eventually turning heel and joining forces with Red Lighting , becoming part of the Save Pro Wrestling movement. As a singles competitor Mark Coffey faced Mikey Whiplash. Promoters view Damien O'Conor- SWA Promoter
  15. Because by (genuine) coincidence the two wrestlers who vocally objected to Noam Dar's placing were the next two on the list, and when these guys are obviously annoyed enough to post about Dar I didn't want to appear to have deliberately demoted them.