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  2. Super excited for this! Anyone else going to the afterparty in costume?
  3. Ditto. I voted him & Red Lightning. Liam will deffo go through. Lightning may be at a disadvantage as he only works in Scotland and still not many English fans have seen him or knows what he does. Wolfgang is in there though! I think a lot of Scottish people vote!
  4. Preston shall get pumped once more!
  5. After attending FutureShock 60 and watching Gallagher vs Richards 1, I can confirm - I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED FOR A BRIT SHOW!!!! Cannot wait!
  6. Can't believe Liam Thomson didn't get straight in! VOTE LIAM!
  7. Looking forward to hearing who's on Team Glasgow!! See you on the 26th guys!
  8. A cracking looking line up so far to round off next weekends wrestling capers!
  9. These videos are getting me thinking far too much! Can't wait til the show!!
  10. REALLLLYYYY looking forward to this! I would urge any and all of you who haven't been along to a PCW show to check this out for sure!
  11. What a f*cking ridiculous thing to say! Some of the most decent and talented guys in the business belong to Scotland and I cannot believe you've just labelled them all with the actions of a couple of scumbags. These things happen everywhere, not more or less so in Scotland. Idiot.
  12. Few missing? Not that I'd have voted differently like
  13. How many of you folks that are running your mouths were actually at either of the shows? I attended both and I have to say they were 2 of the best shows I have ever watched and from where I was sat it looked like everyone else was having a ball too Im certain that very few shows go without some hiccups along they way but when you look at the final product there is just no need for the shite some people talk! CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE
  14. Ima go with my top 3 1. James Scott 2. Liam Thompson 3. Red Lightning if im totally honest i think they may come out 2, 3, 1 though get me?
  15. Little Bill in Unforgiven one of me favorite films ever