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Bastard! Seymour and Steenburgen were ones I was going to post (along with Julianne Moore). I think my love for Steenburgen is probably influenced by Larry David's penchant for her although they both (Steenburgen and Seymour, not Steenburgen and David) have high cheekbones which I adore on women.


The woman off Emmerdale is a good pick also- and leads me to..





Claire King- partially because she was such a devious bitch








..although admittedly in that picture she has a face not too disimilar to the guy who drinks Jeff Daniels' piss in Dumb and Dumber..


whiiiich ingeniously segues intoooo..




Lauren Holly




Christine Brinkley






Sarandon looking really, really slutty in that picture if I'm being honest


I reckon picks get more remarkable with age so 45+ only are worthy in this thread. The picture of Raquel Welch means there's a 70 yr old in the World I definitely would bone. Learn something about yourself on these forums.

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It's a mystery to him.

Susannah Hoffs (lead singer of ‘The Bangles’) is 62 years old today.   This photo is only 4 or 5 years old.   

Shoutout for Elisabeth Shue, recently of Cobra Kai, clocking in at 57

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Nigella Lawson is 49?!

I'm more staggered that Vanessa Williams in only 46. I had her pegged older, but looking really good for, say, 52.

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+1 for the Belinda Carlisle and Nigella Lawson ultra love.



Marcia Cross - 47



Gaby Roslin - 45 this year


I was going to say Beverley Knight but it turns out she's only in her mid 30s. Sorry Bev.

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