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Ok, so which of the more mature ladies do you find attractive? The less consmetic sergory the better.


For me you can't go wrong with the following...


Teri Hatcher - Aged 44



Aimee Mann - Aged 49



Cheri Lunghi - Aged 57 :thumbsup:



Your turn folks!

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It's a mystery to him.

Susannah Hoffs (lead singer of ‘The Bangles’) is 62 years old today.   This photo is only 4 or 5 years old.   

How old are we all now? 46 doesn't  register as 'older woman' territory anymore at all despite it being ten years older than me. Also, she looks great and all but I think I'm jaded for Hollywood women

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So do not enough people watch Weeds or what? Mary Louise Parker is 45 years old people. I'd post a picture but it feels like this thread doesn't deserve it. :angry:

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