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  1. There are a few other comics threads, but this can be a nice general one for what's going on, peoples' thoughts about whatever stuff they're reading at the moment, and so on. I'm just finishing the run of the Beast on "Amazing Tales" from Marvel. It's the story of how he went from normal man Hank McCoy to hairy bugger Hank McCoy, and is pretty cool. There's a surprising amount of ripping on DC in one issue, where the Beast and Juggernaut crash through a Halloween carnival, with kids dressed in Superman and Batman outfits. I like how Hank pops up at the beginning and end of his last issue to say hello, be a bit annoyed that they're ending his run on the comic and that he'll see us soon. Fun story, well told. I am downloading a random week's comic output from June, and will be getting up to date with whatever's being released as well as just old stuff, so I can talk new comics and stuff. So what's interesting you fellas and ladies? Tell all.
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