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General Movie (Film for snobs) News Thread


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There's a movie coming out called "I want someone to eat cheese with" written, directed & starring Jeff Garlin of Curb Your Enthusiam fame. It looks like the sweetest movie ever and I want to see it more than any big-ass blockbuster coming out this year. Look up the trailer.

Here be the trailer for those interestedIt does look great, and Jeff looks to be his awesome usual self. Plus,it's got Silverman in it! Count me in.
That does look great. Anyone know when it is coming out ?
It came out last week in the US but only had a limited release. So the UK is probably only going to get it on DVD.
look good will def try and watch this soon - bit odd that he has the same actress who played his mum in CYE also playing his mum in this - unless it is his real mum i dunno.sarah silverman is all kinds of awesome and hot to boot - and cousin Andy is in there too, and Homer Simpson.Sweeney Todd and Iron Man though - whoah!
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teaser trailer for the eye remake with Jessica Alba





I'm not entirely convinced Jessica Alba can pull off a psycholigical horror. She's not that good an actress and, if the original is anything to go by, she's going to be in virtually every scene.

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What's this Sweeney Todd all about? I've been seeing posters for it for months now.

Original story ToddyMr Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a 2007 film adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler musical of the same name. The film stars Johnny Depp in the title role, in his sixth collaboration with director Tim Burton. The film is scheduled for release in the United States on December 21, 2007.Based on the Stephen Sondheim musical of the same name comes Tim Burton's interpretation starring Johnny Depp as "the demon barber of Fleet Street" Sweeney Todd. Sweeney returns to London after escaping the life imprisonment of Benjamin Barker, only to find his wife Lucy (Laura Michelle Kelly) and daughter Johanna (Jayne Wisener) have suffered at the hands of the very man who had imprisoned him, Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman). With the assistance of his former landlady, Mrs. Nellie Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter), Sweeney launches a plan for revenge that initially targets the individuals responsible for his imprisonment, but ultimately draws all of society in his sights.I'd heard it was a full on musical as in Evita with songs right the way through but judging by the trailer it isn't. It's still touch and go wether i'm going to like this, I love Burton and hate musicals.
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That is probably the best trailer I have ever seen, especially when the song kicks in.I just hope the film lives up to the massive expectations I now have...
Fucking agreed, that was just bloody amazing when the song kicked in.
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City of God was a fantastic film, there's been four series of City Of Men, the first of which has been on BBC4 over the last couple of weeks and has been ok so far.


Now there's City Of Men(Cidade dos Homens) The film.


Trailer and info






Francis Ford Coppola's first film in 10 years, Youth Without Youth







The Spiderwick Chronicles Trailer

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