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Great Wrestling Promo Transcripts


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INDEX SO FAR (WRESTLERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY):ARN ANDERSONPage 2 = talks about fighting the nWo, September 1996Page 6 = talks about his spot in The Horsemen, 1997.BOBBY HEENANPage 10 = his entire acceptance speech when inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, 2004.BRET HARTPage 8 = interrupting Bulldog vs Owen to form the new Hart Foundation, 1997Page 11 = promo before his first WWF Title defence, against Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series 1992BRIAN PILLMANPage 7 = promo from King of The Ring 1996CHRIS JERICHOPage 13 = interrupting The Rock at his WWF debut, August 1999Page 13 = Jericho talking about JBL costing him the WWE Title, December 2007CM PUNKPage 2 = compares Raven to his father, ROH in 2003COLT CABANAPage 7 = ring introduction about threesomes he'd like to have, from ROH in 2005DREW GALLOWAYPage 9 = promo before his ICW return.DUSTY RHODESPage 3 = promo about the Honky Tonk Man before their SummerSlam 1989 matchPage 6 = promo about Ted Dibiase and Thweet Thapphire at SummerSlam 1990EDDIE GUERREROPage 5 = talks about Eric Bischoff and quits, WCW 1998Page 8 = two promos building up his upcoming World Title match with Lesnar, February 2004EDDIE KINGSTONPage 6 = talks about Chris Hero from CZWEDGEPage 3 = talks about Matt Hardy on RAW in August 2005GOLDUSTPage 11 = promo about Razor Ramon from In Your House 5, December 1995HULK HOGANPage 1 = turns heel at Bash at The Beach 1996Page 5 = talks about doggy-paddling the Hulkamaniacs to safety at WrestleMania IVPage 10 = the first ever "Preceding announcement has been paid for by the New World Order" thing from Nitro, 1996.Page 11 = another nWo announcement from Nitro in 1996INSANE CLOWN POSSEPage 4 = introducing their new wrestler, who is dead.JACK TUNNEYPage 13 = announcement that Jake 'The Snake' Roberts would be banned from Survivor Series 1991JAKE ROBERTSPage 1 = promo before match with Ted Dibiase at WrestleMania VIPage 1 = promo from Survivor Series 1991 about Macho & LizPage 1 = promo before his match with Macho Man at Tuesday In TexasPage 8 = promo before his match with Undertaker at WrestleMania VIIIPage 9 = promo after his match with Macho Man at Tuesday In TexasJEFF JARRETTPage 11 = promo from In Your House 5, December 1995.JIM CORNETTEPage 1 = promo about real legends and the nWo, from RAW 1997Page 4 = promo on RAW about Icons and "Age In The Cage", October 1997Page 11 = promo following Yokozuna's match with Lex Luger at WrestleMania XPage 11 = promo from SummerSlam 1993 before Yokozuna's match with Lex LugerJIM ROSSPage 10 = turning heel on Raw in September 1996JIMMY JACOBSPage 11 = promo with Lacey backstage at Ring Of Honor in February 2007JOEL GERTNERPage 3 = his first ring introduction in the ECW Arena for 5 years: June 2005JOEY STYLESPage 10 = quitting WWE, from Raw in May 2006.JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELDPage 9 = promo from ECW One Night Stand 2006Page 11 = promo about Shawn Michaels on Raw in February 2007Page 13 = face to face with Chris Jericho the day after costing him the WWE Title, December 2007KURT ANGLEPage 6 = talks about Iraq, France, black people and Jesus.MICHAEL HAYESPage 4 = gets in Edge's face on RAW, December 2005MICK FOLEYPage 2 = Cactus Jack promo from ECW in 1995 about being softcorePage 4 = Cactus Jack quits the WWF, RAW in April 1998Page 6 = Mankind sit-down interview with J.R. on RAW in 1997Page 6 = Mick Foley talks about Ric Flair on RAW in August 2006Page 7 = Cactus Jack talks about siding with Dreamer in his feud with Sandman, ECW 1994Page 13 = the day after Unforgiven in April 1998, calling out Vince McMahonMIKE AWESOMEPage 8 = promo from ECW Guilty As Charged 2000, before his match with Spike DudleyNEW JACKPage 3 = talks about ECW and returning to the Arena, June 2005Page 12 = returning to ECW after spending a month in prison, March 1996Page 13 = his views on the Benoit incident from a shoot interviewPAUL HEYMANPage 1 = anti-WWF promo from RAW six days before Survivor Series 2001Page 6 = blasts TNN from ECW Hardcore TV .... on TNNPOGO THE CLOWNPage 13 = sweary-mary promo from JCW BloodyMania, 2007.RAVENPage 2 = promo from 1995 about drunks beating him up in childhood and as an adultPage 7 = ring introduction from Sabu Tribute Show in December 2004Page 10 = promo about Sandman, Stevie Richards & Terry Funk from before ECW Barely LegalPage 12 = short promo about how he wanted to punish Tommy Dreamer for stealing Beulah, 1996Page 12 = promo about Dreamer after returning to ECW, from Anarchy Rulz in September 1999RHINOPage 6 = Talks about violence and being fellated by Jasmin St Clair, from Guilty As Charged 2001RIC FLAIRPage 1 = promo after winning the WWF Title at Royal Rumble 1992Page 2 = return to WCW on Nitro in September 1998Page 2 = Speech from the final WCW Nitro in March 2001Page 8 = questioning Carlito's commitment to wrestling, from Raw in Feb 2007ROCK, THEPage 7 = sings the 12 Days of Christmas to TestPage 12 = The Rock in concert from Raw in March 2003ROWDY RODDY PIPERPage 6 = promo from a cell in Alcatraz, February 1997Page 12 = promo questioning the Mountie's sexuality, before Royal Rumble in January 1992SABUPage 6 = calls out Taz. ECW in March 1997SHANE DOUGLASPage 4 = post-match speech after winning the NWA Title, 1994Page 6 = promo about Justin Credible before their match at CyberSlam '99Page 11 = 'Dean' Douglas promo from In Your House 5, December 1995SHANE McMAHONPage 11 = poem about The Big Show before their last man standing match, 2001.SHAWN MICHAELSPage 3 = jokes with Maria about (The) EdgePage 13 = the infamous "lost my smile" speech from February 1997STEVE AUSTINPage 2 = promo in ECW 1995 about being fired from WCW by Eric BischoffPage 5 = acceptance speech after winning King of The Ring 1996Page 5 = talks to Sandman, Mikey & Woman about becoming ECW Champion, 1995Page 5 = rants about the direction of WWF, "Byte This" March 2002.Page 13 = promos from his feud with Kurt Angle in summer 2001.TED DIBIASEPage 8 = buying Sweet Sapphire at SummerSlam 1990TRACY SMOTHERSPage 7 = he ain't wearin' no dress, from 1PW in 2006Page 8 = promo on Jay Phoenix, from ICW in October 2006VINCE McMAHONPage 13 = called out by Mick Foley in April 1998, motivates him.VINCE RUSSOPage 3 = Talks about Hulk Hogan at Bash At The Beach 2000WILLIAM REGALPage 3 = angry promo about Triple H, RAW 2004X-PACPage 12 = promo about Hogan & Bischoff, after returning to the WWF in March 1998ZACK SABRE JR.Page 7 = why they don't let him talk, Hammerlock in 2006. :thumbsup:

I thought this could be a cool thread, a collection of the transcripts of great Wrestling promo's, either typed or stolen (give credit).I'll start with 2 that I typed up and 1 I 'borrowed'.#1 - Paul Heyman shoots on Vince, Smackdown (pre Survivor Series 2001)

[Chorus of Boos]PH: In just a few moments, at my leisure, I'm gonna call, Vince McMahon, out to his ring, in front of his public, on a television show that's owned by his grand company. At least, that is, until this Sunday at Survivor Series.[Asshole, Asshole, Asshole][MC: I echo that]PH: I know how much you people appreciate what Shane and Stephanie and I have done, how Shane and Stephanie and I have stood up to the tyranny of Vince McMahon, and the way it is, ladies and gentlemen, is quite simple. The WWF will die this sunday. [booooooooooooooooo] But don't blame me for that, It's not my fault, I'm not the one who ruined everything that was accomplished by Stone.. Cold.. Steve.. Austin. [booooooooooo] You see at Survivor Series, it means much more then just the personalities that are involved, it's about ending what Vince McMahon has tried to accomplish. I sat there at that desk on Monday, and I listened to Mick Foley, and I agreed with everything that Mick Foley had to say. That the WWF truly does suck [booooooo] Don't boo me. Have you watched the television show lately? Vince McMahon has lost his mind, the man doesn't have it anymore, he's a has-been, his ideas are antiquated, his concepts are draconian and Mick Foley was right, because the WWF is imploding from within. Like every great empire, the WWF is imploding from within. Vince's loyal employees, like

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I wish somebody would type up Jake Roberts pre-match interview prior to his match with DiBiase at Wrestlemania 6. Fucking awesome. Even better than his Survivor Series '91/Tuesday in Texas efforts.

Consider it done. Tonight anyway. Anymore requests?
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I wrote this up in an older thread, but thought it would be worth adding here. It's the Jake Roberts promos from Survivor Series 1991 and Tuesday in Texas (pre-match).

Survivor Series said:

Gene Okerlund: These people saw what happened this weekend; I saw it, and millions of people around the world, witnessed what took place. You said that it was an accident.

Jake Roberts: Trust me, it was.

GO: You said that snake had been devenomised by the lab.

JR: Cross my heart and hope to die, that what I was told.

GO: You know, do you have any idea how much anguish you have caused the Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth...

JR: (Interrupting) It excited me a little bit, yeah, I thought about it for a long time.

GO: You are a sick man, Jake Roberts.

JR: Thank you very much.

GO: You know, there many people who feel that Jack Tunney should have 86ed you for your actions - you should be out of the World Wrestling Federation altogether. You're very fortunate to have this opportunity to meet the Macho Man one-on-one this Tuesday in Texas, and I for one can hardly wait.

JR: Is that right?

GO: That's right.

JR: You know, let's start this over - I mean you're trying to cast me as the original sinner. Well I spoke to God this morning, and he said he doesn't like you. So let's point the finger at somebody else besides me. Let's point the finger at the people that voted for Savage; let's point the finger at Jack Tunney; let's point the finger at the World Wrestling Federation. Not at me.

GO: You know, when you think about everything that's happened, at this big match this Tuesday in Texas - all of a sudden there's an interesting hook to all of this: the fact that there will be no reptiles allowed at ringside; and that means no snakes in the bag.

JR: You know, it's hard to believe after six years you people haven't caught on yet. The thing in the bag was simply a toy... something for me to amuse myself with. I've always been the snake you should be worried about, and for six years you haven't caught on. It's surprises me that anyone, (to Okerlund) even you, can be that ignorant. (Jake sniggers)

GO: You laugh.

JR: Yeah, I laugh. Because this Tuesday in Texas, Elizabeth, you have a ticket - you have a one-way ticket. A one way ticket, Elizabeth. So don't be shy sweetheart, let's use it, eh? You show up. A one way ticket to the other side, if you will. Becuase this Tuesday in Texas... princess, don't expect the prince to be there to wake you up with a kiss. Because you see, Tuesday in Texas is not the end. It is not the beginning. It's not even the beginning of the end... yet the end of the beginning.

Tuesday In Texas said:

Sean Mooney: We are moments away from an incredible encounter, we will finally see a one-on-one confrontation between Jake "The Snake" Roberts and the Macho Man Randy Savage. Jake Roberts, the big decision from President Jack Tunney - there will be no reptile allowed in your corner. Now earlier I saw the Macho Man and his lovely bride Elizabeth. Randy Savage is wired to the max; he cannot wait to get you into the ring.

Jake Roberts: So what?As cold as a razor blade; as tight as a tourniquet; like the skin on a dying man - Randy Savage, the last time I saw you, you were flailing like some helpless child, drowning. Drowning from what? Drowning from the very poison that was flowing through your veins after that snake had chewed on that arm. For some time he did chew.Now you look into my eyes Randy Savage, and you'll see two black holes in the sky. But you look into those snake eyes and you'll see something so cold, so devilish and so deliberate - yes, he takes care of what he has to. Does what he has to. Just like me.Your eyes? Your eyes weren't even there man, you were out, you were gone.But you know whose eyes I enjoyed the most? Do you? Elizabeth's.

Pupils so small, so intent and so scared for the man that she loved. And what a rush I got, man. Up and down my back, it felt so good. My hair felt like it was tingling. I mean, I had goosebumps all over my body listening to you squeal for a man who could not do anything but flail around, and couldn't help himself at all, you know?And see, the thing about Jack Tunney barring the snake in the corner... let me tell you something Jack Tunney.When I was brought into this world, I could not rob; I could not steal; I could not lie; I couldn't even cheat. But boy, did I have some help learning - you have taught me so well.So you see, it is not my fault anything that I do out there. You have given me the right to. You have almost pushed the button to make me do it. You have pulled the trigger.So anything that I do... is your fault. Snake in the corner? Trust me... trust me.

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Thats not the full Paul E one though, is it? That was the edited TV version. Isnt there a version floating around, unedited? When he talks about Sammartino or Bassie?

I typed it up, and obviously I only have the TV version. if anyone has a better version, or a full mp3, I could edit it.Cheers Freaky, I was going to try and find those. Edited by tiger_rick
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The Cornette 'shoot' on Monday Night RAW. I had a link to it a while back but I've lost it :(

Is that the one where he talks about the "legends" of the sport? The one that's on extra on the Monday Night War DVD?
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Guest Richard Studden

Didn't Heymn do a shoot around 97ish on WWE TV? When he still had control of ECW? I thought I read somewhere he did? Anyone know anything about this?

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