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Bellator 286 - Pitbull vs. Borics (October 1st)

Egg Shen

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2 shows in 2 weeks...


Main Card:

Patricio Pitbull vs. Adam Borics - Featherweight Title Fight

AJ McKee vs. Spike Carlyle

Aaron Pico vs. Jeremy Kennedy

Juan Archuleta vs. Enrique Barzola


Jay Jay Wilson vs. Vladamir Tokov

Mike Hamel vs. Max Rohskopf

Islam Mamedov vs. Nick Browne

Keoni Diggs vs. Ricardo Seixas

Richard Palencia vs. Cee Jay Hamilton

Khadzhi Bestaev vs. Khalid Murtazaliev

Sumiko Inaba vs. Nadine Mandiau

Lance Gibson Jr. vs. Dominic Clark

Bobby Seronio III vs. Miguel Peimbert

Long old card that. Lots of good stuff throughout but a really solid main card.

I like that Adam Borics has got to the title shot on hard graft here. He's one of those under the radar-but really good Bellator fighters that don't get much press. Not sure he'll beat Pitbull but he's more than earned his shot.

McKee/Carlyle is the one i'm looking forward too. Just a barmy, left field piece of matchmaking and I always like that. AJ McKee's bubble burst big time losing to Pitbull, it really felt like the buzz completely disappeared on the guy which was a bit unfair considering he lost to one of the best 145lber's in the World. There was talk from Showtime and Bellator of McKee crossing over and doing boxing and all sorts, maybe everyone was getting ahead of themselves but shit has cooled off. McKee has moved up a divsion here and fights a mentalist in Spike Carlyle. I expect McKee to win, but that first round, anything could happen.

Aaron Pico is must-see TV everytime he fights, 14 fights into his career now too, that's flown by.

Might notice Max Rohskopof on the prelims too. Recently signed to Bellator and best remembered for infamously pulling out between rounds of a UFC fight. He was always seen a big prospect and has gone 2-0 since, interested to see him back.





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McKee vs Spike is fun. Spike’s great to watch but just on skills I’d expect McKee to school him. Coming off a loss and going up in weight makes it a little bit more interesting but I’d be surprised if McKee doesn’t come out on top. Should be good however long it goes though.

Haven’t seen enough of Borics really to judge, maybe a couple of fights at most. I’ll always tune in for Pitbull regardless.

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Yeah. Unacceptable. I was gonna watch that before skimming through the UFC card but no joy. I’ve seen the results of the fights I was arsed about now as well 😏

Anyway. Here’s Spike Carlyle walking out to fight a black man, while dressed as known racist Hulk Hogan. Brother.


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i annoyingly caught a spoiler on a thumbnail so missed the main card, sounds like I dodged a bullet, the main event was a rotter by all accounts.

If any of you enjoy a grappling based MMA fight though, id recommend the Wilson/Tokov fight on the prelims. Probably the best fight I saw all weekend.

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Just watched the main card, and the main event was the drizzling shits. Literally no action when it went to the ground, and little to no action when standing. Cant think of many worse fights Ive seen this year, let alone 5 round main events.

The Pico match was interesting due to his injury, and R1 of the Carlyle fight was superb. R2 and 3 werent half bad either. Carlyle sure makes you work hard for the victory.

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