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What If WWF And WCW Ran A Joint PPV In The Late 80s/Early 90s?


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Hey everyone,

Apologies if not posted in the correct section, but...

Ever wondered what would have happened if WWF faced WCW on a jointly promoted PPV?

For years and years, wrestling fans in the mid-late 80s endlessly debated about which company was the best: WWF or WCW? Who had the best wrestlers? The best matches? The best cards? And so on. The question on everyone's lips, however, was what would happen if the two companies ever somehow ran a joint supershow, put their differences aside and pit their wrestlers against each other - who would wrestle who? Who would win? And which company would come out on top? 

After years and years of debate, the 'what if' has finally become reality. Based mostly on the 1988-early 1990 timeline (but generally between 1985-1990), I present to you: Clash Of The Titans - a WWF vs WCW PPV comprising of 26 matches using the WWE 2K19 video game. I appreciate that 2K19 may seem a bit dated to some, but 2K20 was only half a year old when I started this...

Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave a like on the video and share with others if you liked what you saw. Any comments and feedback are always welcome:


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On 8/29/2022 at 12:05 PM, The King Of Swing said:

The most important question. 

Who are Duggan and Piper going to double count outs with? 

Piper vs Cowboy Bob for the natural WM tie


Duggan vs Buzz Sawyer would be fun

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