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Forum Awards 2021 - On-topic Poster of the Year

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Forum Awards 2021 - On-topic Poster of the Year  

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Not quite sure how this positive topic ended up slagging people off for having shit takes and lengthy discussion. One of the benefits of this forum is that you can talk to enthusiastic and knowledgeable people in a far greater depth than Twitter or something like that. And if people are enjoying AEW or whatever else then good for them. It's nice to have that enthusiasm rekindled that so many have lost along the way.

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32 minutes ago, Daaaaaad! said:

It’s no coincidence that the people bemoaning the material in On Topic are also the people who shout the loudest that they don’t even like wrestling anymore.

Two people made that comment, one of them watches NWA and I think TNA. 

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