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Wrestle Kingdom 16


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I totally forgot this was today until I almost had it spoiled by the title of a YouTube video. 

19 men is an unusual number for a rumble/rambo but it had a good number of surprises and legends. MiSu murdering those kids in short order was funny. The "final" tomorrow looks interesting. 

Sho Vs Yoh told a good story. 

The six man tag really escalated things between Tanahashi and KENTA ahead of their no DQ match tomorrow and was a nice little preview of the junior tag title match. 

I marked out during the Shibata match, I have a feeling it might not be too long before we see him again. 

LIJ/United Empire match again was a good preview of some of the things we can look forward to tomorrow. 

I didn't care much for EVIL against Ishii because EVIL is a bit shit. 

Tag title match was good. 

Jr Heavyweight title had a heck of a pace from the start, and somehow managed to pick up before the finish. 

I had goosebumps when Okada and Shingo were making their entrances. Felt like such a big match. Was a big match. 

Looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow. 

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1 minute ago, Chunk said:

Which of the three days is the big one? Or doesn't it work like that? If I had time to try out one of the days, which should I pick?

Probably today's. Day 3 is NOAH vs NJPW and Day 1 seemed to plod along a little at times. 

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2 minutes ago, jazzygeofferz said:

The Noah/New Japan stuff is on Saturday isn't it? 

Yes, but apparently it's on traditional PPV rather then NJPW World annoyingly, presumably it'll be added on there a week or so after though. 

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Late to the party on this but hey ho:

The spot where Tanahashi pushes over the ladder and Kenta lands onto the trash can, nearly losing an eye in the process, looked odd from the start. It's like he leapt off the ladder with no thought about his landing. Getting to that was a whole other ordeal, even if I did appreciate Kenta not having a clue what he was doing and Red Shoes being the only referee in wrestling history to say "fuck you, I'm not helping you with this ladder spot." 

I don't really get if the House of Torture are part of Bullet Club (to be fair, I tuned out shortly after Evil joined BC) but I guess Evil was only ever in Bullet Club because Jay White was out of the country. As much as NJPW could do with freshening up its stables, neither United Empire nor House of Torture feel like an answer. House of Torture is just Japanese Bullet Club and United Empire has man-child Will Ospreay (the character, not the performer). 

I remember people talking about how the WWE's in ring product didn't feel like it changed despite there being no crowd. NJPW has the same problem. They're obsessed with getting heat but it's just frustrating when nobody can verbally react to it. There's a point on the third night where Kevin Kelly and Chris Charlton hit the nail on the head when asking, after Sho cheating to win, "Is anyone going to be persuaded to watch New Japan based on that performance?" They answer no and then sort of awkwardly realise what they've said. 

Also, Shibata going into business for himself, if that is what happened, is exactly what worries me about his return. Sooner or later he's going to do another stupid headbut. Still seems bonkers to me that they took a man who headbutted himself into oblivion (against the top star in the company, no less) and who now seems to have going into business for himself and made him a head trainer. There's some things he's great at, and I get why they'd encourage students to watch and learn from him, but it's the other shit that makes you think "do you really want your future stars learning from him?" 


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I wonder whether Shibata did go into business for himself, or whether they kayfabed it so the people that needed to know knew, but they didn't tell the people ringside so their reactions would be more natural? My guess is that he'll work a handful of matches a year against either his trainees or people he knows it'll be safe to work with like ZSJ? Maybe he'll get a late run for the King Of Pro Wrestling later in the year. I'd love to see him against Minoru Suzuki, but at the same time I dread to think what's happen if he went against Minoru Suzuki. 

I was enjoying Tanahashi Vs KENTA until he took forever setting that ladder up. It must have been pretty embarrassing for Tanahashi to have been lying there selling for all that time, although at least KENTA kept popping over to stick the boot into him now and again. 

House Of Torture is a part of Bullet Club from what I gather, I can only equate it either to when they had the Wolfpac as part of the original nWo or when the Elite were part of Bullet Club before they split off? Factions within factions is probably going to get confusing. Hopefully it doesn't get borrowed by AEW, although it could be argued that the Superkliq as part of the larger Elite is a mini version of that. 

I've still not watched night 3.

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