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Apollo probably deserved it to be fair *ROCKY IV SPOILERZZZ*


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In the directors cut, I thought Apollo gave way to many cheep shots to our friend from Russia in the extended press conference. Add that to the whole "USA USA rar-rar foreign scum" bullshit was uncalled for. He poked the bear, and got what he deserved. I doubt he meant to kill him. Look at Rocky III. Rocky got shot on by Thunderlips. The same thing could have easily happened to him, if Thunderlips grabbed a hold or went for the eye, like Ole Anderson would have done. But Drago continue the beating because there was no stoppage and the towel wasnt thrown in.

Basically, dont blame Drago. He did his job, Jeff. Balboa was at fault.

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When I watched Rocky IV a few years back, I definitely sided with Drago after that press conference with Creed. They were there to talk about an exhibition boxing fight and this SUNNUVUBITCH (as per Arnie) was being a typical Billy Big Bollocks American and taking the piss out of the Russians. It made me want Gorbechev to press the button there and then. 

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