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WWE / AEW - Draft 5

Nick James

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I've thought about this topic for a while and I'm sure its been discussed in threads from time to time, but with it being the WWE 'Draft' week, I thought what better time to try and get some discussion around who people feel are in the wrong company at present or who may get a better shot at getting ahead if they switched up their environment.  

If a draft was to take place this week with 5 talents being able to be traded between AEW and WWE, who would you swap out? I have tried to keep my picks away from the obvious ones, but by all means, your picks are your own. Try and give a bit of an explanation for each pick so that it can actually garner some debate, rather than just a list of 5 with no discussion. Tag teams count as one pick.


It seems most of my picks for this one are more around ‘fine tuning’ in ring rather than them being in the wrong place.

1. MJF – MJF is tailor made for WWE in the way he acts, promo style and he just screams ‘sports entertainment’. His twitter friendship with Corbin could be a good onscreen pairing.

2. Wardlow – Wardlow is great, he has the look, the physique, but needs some fine tuning. I cant believe he has been working as long as he has and with some ‘fine tuning’ as mentioned, he could be a mega star.

3. Will Hobbs – Similar to Wardlow, Hobbs has huge potential, but other than a few snarling looks, he hasn’t really done anything in a year or so. I think a new presentation for him, he could really hit the ground running.

4. Anna Jay – As mentioned above, Anna Jay has mega star written all over her. For someone so young to be as good as she is with a lot more room to grow, the only way is up. I think a better women’s division around her, and she could really take off.

5. Jade Cargill – She really feels like she is in the wrong environment for the type of gimmick and look she has. She is scary talented and seems to be a complete natural with bags of charisma, completely suited to WWE.



As opposed to the AEW to WWE section being more around ‘fine tuning’, this section for me is more of a ‘wrong environment’.

1. Mustafa Ali – The guy is seriously talented, can turn his hand to anything and was the only good part of an abomination of a faction in RETRIBUTION!. A jump to AEW to mix it up with the likes of Jungle Boy, Allin and Guevara could be a good thing for him.

2. Zelina Vega – Not just for the obvious of reuniting with her husband, she could be a real hand in the AEW womens division to help develop the newer women and have some good programmes with the likes of Baker etc.

3. Dolph Ziggler – This one is more about seeing whether he is as good as the section of fans think he is and to also freshen up an act that hasn’t changed in at least the last 10 years.

4. R-Truth – An out there selection, but the guy is absolutely hilarious and I would love to see what he could do outside of the WWE humour restrictions. Imagine Truth and Orange Cassidy?

5. Chad Gable – The guy has serious talent, but I fear size isn’t on his side to fully prosper in WWE. American Alpha was one of my favourite acts until they were broken up early. Id like to see a decent push for Gable and getting him aligned with a veteran as AEW do so well could really help his image.

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Wardlow is always my choice for who I think would do better in WWE than AEW. 

I can’t see him mixing about with Omega/Punk/Danielson etc. In the main event scene of AEW but I could genuinely see him being a WWE champ within a year of going there. He is the exact thing Vince looks for. The looks, the body, green enough to still mould into the WWE-style of wrestling. They’d push him to the moon instantly. 

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Bit of an imbalance in your picks there! WWE gets MJF, Wardlow and Cargill, while AEW gets R-Truth, Ziggler and Zelina Vega?

My priority, I think, would be to bring some main event female acts to AEW. one of Charlotte, Bayley or Becky Lynch would be transformative for that division, and if you brought over someone like Ripley, Shayna or Carmella you have further depth and a strong base of contenders for Britt.

As far as AEW to WWE goes, Jericho has probably done all that he can in AEW, so I’d be fine with getting rid of him. Lance Archer might benefit from a move, and I agree with you on Hobbs. I’d maybe toss Brian Cage their way for good measure, and The Bunny, whose inadequacies would be masked better by WWE’s superior women’s division.

So in short, I’d go:

To WWE: Jericho, Archer, Hobbs, Brian Cage, The Bunny

To AEW: Charlotte, Shayna, Jeff Hardy (a re-united Hardys is far better than the HFO), Kevin Owens and Carmella.

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1. Cody (with Brandi) - Probably best they leave before they're exiled.

2. Lance Archer - Not doing an awful lot in AEW, failed attempts at the TNT and World titles.

3. Ethan Page - I see him in a similar light as MJF but, as previously mentioned, MJF needs the AEW environment. I think Page could get over within the boundaries of WWE.

4. Anthony Ogogo - Based on nothing I could see him doing well there.

5. Brian Cage - Obviously looks like a Vince guy. Chuck him against Roman, Brock, Big E, Lashley.


Instantly my top 5 are the obvious ones AJ, KO, Zayn, Balor, Joe. So with them aside here goes:

1. The Usos - Another brother tag team to have bangers with Young Bucks and Lucha Bros.

2. Xavier Woods - With his outside gaming interests and shows, AEW feels like a natural fit.

3. Rhea Ripley - Young, talented, would do well with Britt, Rosa, Serena.

4. WALTER - Would like to see him work with Bryan.

5. The Miz - Bring Maryse with him in a straight trade for Cody and Brandi.

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