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Dancehall recommendations for me?

Chest Rockwell

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I stumbled across this guy Jahllano.. I really like these couple tracks I found. I like some of his other stuff as well, and some of it not so much. This is a genre I know absolutely nothing about, apart I guess from having listened to that Damian Marley album that everyone and their mother has heard...

Hoping someone on here might be able to point me towards anything similar I might like..?






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Not a million miles away from this, but I've been looking for some decent Jamaican Dub to get into. I have some Lee Scratch Perry and Scientist on my playlist, but that's pretty much the extent of it. So if anyone has any recommendations then fire away please. 

Dancehall became pretty big over here nearly 20 years ago, when Wayne Wonder, Sean Paul and Kevin Lyttle stormed the charts. I really like the Diwali riddim album (but as all the tracks use the same riddim is does get a bit samey)- although you can't go wrong with some early 2000s stuff on the Greensleeves label.

Two of the biggest tracks to use this riddim weren't even on the album- Sean Paul's Get Busy and Lumidee's Never Leave You. No Letting Go was always my favourite out of those three when they were released. 

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Ok so I guess this is where me knowing nothing about the genre is hindering my ability to describe what I'm looking for.  Those recent tracks I posted to my ears have more in common with trap music than they do with the party dancehall from the 2000s. That kinda stuff I don't hate but it's not really what I'm actively seeking out.

I'll have a little flick around though and see if anything grabs my attention - it may be that I just haven't given it enough of a chance to find the tracks I'd like..


Edit: @PunkStep for dub I could recommend checking out Madlib - Blunted in the Bombshelter as a good mixtape where you might find some new artists you'd like to check out more of..

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