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Wrestlers whose pushes would be different if there was a crowd


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Obviously there’s a huge element of speculation with this question, but which wrestlers do you think would be doing better/worse if we were not in an empty arena setting?

I watched Smackdown for the first time in ages this week and I was struck once again by how brilliant Sonya Deville is. I feel like she’d be getting over huge as a babyface if there was a crowd, she’s really coming into her own right now.

On the other hand, I think the crowd would have turned against Otis by now. He’s really bloody annoying. 

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Not sure it'd affect her direction as it looks clear where they are headed with her, but I think the reaction to Shayna Baszler facing up to Nia Jax & punching Sasha Banks in the mouth would have been strong.

It was in my house.

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When you stop and think about it-Empty Arena shows are kinda perfect for Vince's tone deaf ideas of what is a Babyface/Heel.


I feel Bayley and Sasha wouldn't have had the air time if there were crowds, they been brilliant don't get me wrong but WWE have really used them as filler and they truly have grabbed the brass ring so to speak.

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It's something I'm surprised WWE haven't taken more advantage of. After fifteen years of fans booing the top babyfaces and chanting for everyone and cheering whoever the top babyfaces go up against, finally they can have an audience on the show who do exactly as they are told and they haven't really used that like I'd have expected them. 

Imagine if Roman hadn't had the sense he does, and they finally got the chance to book him as the guy they've been trying to make him and not get him booed for it. Dream come true, you'd have to think!

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