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This Weekend's Boxing 🥊

Egg Shen

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It was disappointing. I actually lumped £5 on Lartey after watching the press conference and the weigh in. It was a horrid styles clash though. That said, thought Gorman looked alright considering his size and the fact that he was fighting such an unorthodox opponent. He needs to get in much better shape though.

Liam Williams wasnt messing about was he? hes the nastiest fighter in the UK at the moment, i really hope he lands a world to title fight. 7 KO's on the bounce now.

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1 hour ago, Mr Lawrence said:

Where abouts from Coventry where you from. As a native myself.

Sewall Highway, Wyken Pippen end.

Also, I know I’m biased, but I think Frank has done a bang up job bringing boxing back and setting a pace for other broadcasters to keep up with. People forget, but broadcasters in this country haven’t always shown boxing the love it deserves, so the sport can’t afford to go missing.

That said, I accept last nights show was shit. It just was.

Mark Chamberlain was great, a real highlight of the night. He’s a real performance.

Flashy getting beat so soon after Bilal Ali doesn’t reflect well on the lions in the camp, but I suspect the empty venues have to take some responsibility. I don’t think they’ll be the last of the upsets, as long as this goes on.

Willy looked great, but needs a step up. Nathan and Lartey was dull and Liam did what Liam does.

Onto the next.

Anyway, watch the post fight interviews 😂🤣


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Yes i watched them 👍🏻. I drank in The Devon for a while many a moon ago and used to get e’s from the pippen in the 90’s!

Totally agree with what you say about Frank, the shows have been thick and fast and while not always quality its good to have boxing on regularly. His December cards to mark his 40yrs is the business look the business. Dubios Joyce being free to air is great stuff. Ironically its the only heavyweight clash i would have actually paid for amongst the 4 in that short space of time.

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little Matchroom ditty tonight...


Its lacking any real depth and has taken a few hits leading in but Ritsons always on in good fights. Vasquez is a former IBF Champ but past his best, he was outpointed by Ohara Davies a while back so you expect Ritson to come through. Still, if anyone is effected by not having a crowd, you'd expect it to be Ritson.

Bit of Joe Laws on the undercard too👍🏻

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