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This Weekend's Boxing 🥊

Egg Shen

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Khongsong is in all sorts of bother.

He lay flat on his back, rolled out the ring on to a stretcher and whistled past me on his way to the back of an ambulance.

Absolutely horrifying shot that somehow was underserved by the TV cameras. Just didn't do the shot justice. Josh said afterwards that he felt the fellas ribs turn to mush.

Had a chat with Terrance McCormack, and he reckons Josh is one of, if not the hardest body punchers he's ever worked with.

Thought it was a good night. Thought Charlie showed his class against a decent fighter, despite there being a huge size difference. Really nice guy Charlie, too, so good to see him looking happy again.

Ionut Baluta is a confident little fucker and why wouldn't you be with those hands, fun fight. Shame for Joyce, who's been talking about world title shots but he got stuck I think waiting for Ionut to slow down. Someone comes at you with that sort of pace, you probably think you can bide your time, tire them out and come on strong in the later rounds. But, Baluta didn't tire and he's got lead in his gloves.

George Davey is a good little prospect himself. Only 2-0 and taking on a 12-7 fighter 16 years older than him was a ballsy move. Took an absolute cunt of a left hook at the end though, George, but took it well.

Hope everyone was happy with the main event time, haha. Typically what happens is we have a lot more younger, developing fighters on our books, and at lower weights, and we stick them in good development fights, but it means you end up with fewer early finishes. If everything goes to the ref/judges, you have a lot of faff afterwards that just causes more and more back-up. Tonight was well paced, though.

Next show has a fun set of names on it - Liam Williams, Nathan Gorman, Dennis McCann, Willy Hutchinson? - yes, please.

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That's cool @d-d-d-dAz. Is there a reason why Frank and BT can't time shows so the main event always hit the air at like 10pm? like if the shows going long, stick a swing bout in there that can go on after the main event? Scheduling fights that could potentially lead to a long night if they all go the distance just seems strange to me, its too much of a gamble. Worked out nicely on Saturday though.

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Really good show and the main event timing was especially pleasing. The stoppage even better as it allowed me to flick over to WBSS. I think the argument for UK P4P is a very short list - it goes Josh Taylor, Tyson Fury and if you push it out a bit further Billy Joe Saunders. That's it. 

A fair bit of credit has to go to George Davey. Jeff Thomas made a comeback and he wouldn't be turning up to lose, yet Davey controlled the fight brilliantly.

David Oliver Joyce fight was a great watch. Baluta wasn't there to make up the numbers. 

Frampton as a pundit - brilliant. More of him. Wish BT had a bit more Barry Jones, he's fantastic as is Enzo Maccarinelli. 

I think Frank should prioritise getting the main event timings right though, the casual boxing fan often only tunes in to that and at the risk of them tuning out is it a risk worth taking? I get that that it's trying to build stars, and find cross over though when they're in early development I think they can be a float or earlier on. By the time they get to title level that would be where you'd look for the cross over appeal.


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The MTK Golden Contract Finals show is tonight on Sky Sports. Its a shame the Walsh/Dickens dropped off cause of covid as this was shaping up to be one of the better domestic shows of the last couple of months. Really up for Davies/McKenna though, no love lost there.


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Sunday nights fights this week over on Sky. According to Eddie Hearn this may become a bit of a regular thing going foward for smaller shows which is great.


Buatsi is a huge favorite over Calic. Calic has beeen talked up by Alen Babic. He's 11-0 with an extensive amateur background, might be better than the bookies may have you believe.

Honestly more interested in the return of Alen Babic. Looks to be in a decent scrap too against Niall Kennedy. Babic aint gonna fuck about.

Sunday night fights, i like it.

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