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As we all know....you can’t pick your family, so I’m sure some of you have relatives that have broken the mould - let’s hear about them!

I have so many stories about my Grandad but I’ll start with one of my favourites that always puts a smile on my face when I think about it

He reckons his eye sight is fine apart from not being able to read small writing very well, however much like Vince McMahon he’s too cool for glasses

About 15 years ago he buys another motorbike, and his mate drops him off at the garage to pick it up. He goes into a room with two salesmen and they give him all the contracts and stuff to sign. They leave him to it and get the bike ready.

They return back to the room to find my Grandad reading through the paperwork with a pair of binoculars

The salesmen look at eachother, then back to Grandad, and say... “Have you got the insurance sorted?” 

That’s a really tame story for now but it’s one that I love. There’s a lot more to come from the history of big Dave

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4 hours ago, Pork Pie said:

"KWESH" and the holding of imaginary ball bags dance is one of the best things I've read on here

What is this story? I’ve seen “kwesh” mentioned on here a few times now, but have no idea what it relates to.

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