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The Screwjob.


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Not that one. Its pretty much common knowledge now that Hogan went to Nick Patrick and told him to fuck Sting on the finish. Which is so interesting to me, because it was the opposite effect of the Montreal. Survivor Series 97 created heel Vince, WWF went on to be massive in 1998 through the McMahon/Austin feud, there was more opportunites on top with Bret gone, everything ended up wonderful from November 1997 onwards.

Starrcade 97 on the otherhand ... Sting is fucked after that show. Everything than can go wrong does, and for what? What the fuck did they double cross Sting for? Was it simply through spite because it was the first babyface to do a record number that wasnt Hogan since the boom period? What the fuck did they do it for? Was Hogan jealous of the attention Vince was getting, so decided to scew Sting himself?

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Doesn't it go that pretty much other than his rafter appearances that Sting was pretty much AWOL. Lost weight, didn't train, didn't tan, had an 'issue' of some sort and was pretty much disconnected from the whole scene etc and this didn't become apparent to either the day of or day before starcade?? 

Maybe Hogan thought:

"we've given this guy 12 months buildup, this is the biggest moment in WCW history, and one of the biggest wrestling matches ever in which I'm doing the 'job' and he's taken the piss'

 Ergo Hogan fucks Sting. 

Hogan at this point didn't job did he let alone at something so BIG (think Warrior was the last time 7 years earlier). 

There been loads hinted at by Bischoff but nothing ever concrete. 

It was a monumental let down wasn't it.  It should have been in a cage or something. 

Saying that post 97  WCW was such a clusterfuck despite an unparalled roster that God knows what was really happening. 


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Hogan being Hogan, I think.

In one move, he not only cut Sting's balls off but he made Bret Hart look like a tit as well. That's two of the top contenders for his "spot" leaving WCW's biggest show ever looking like shit.

I think he knew full well that it would harm WCW but I honestly don't think he gave a shit. Same as how he didn't care about taking Warrior's moment at Wrestlemania 6. It didn't matter that he was leaving, possibly forever, and the WWF would be relying on Warrior drawing as the top guy. He wanted Warrior to fail on top so it'd give him more leverage if he ever needed to come back. I'm sure he's even bragged about doing this in one of his books. I think this was more of the same.

From what I remember about the 83 weeks episode, Bischoff is in complete denial about it. He was insisting that Patrick just fucked up, but couldn't explain why he didn't even get disciplined for fucking up one of the most important spots in the company's history. Even the stuff he's willing to admit - that they changed the match because Sting "wasn't ready" - made no real sense. If he really wasn't in the best shape then they easily could've put him over, properly, that one night and then took the title off him later on. Instead, they pretty much did the opposite - cut his balls off THEN put the belt on him and expected him to get over.

Of all the dipshit moves in WCW history, I think this pips beating Goldberg and the fingerpoke of doom as the absolute worst.

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