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Brooklyn Brawler released after 33 years

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Its been announced the Steve Lombardi has been released age 55 after 33 years at WWE


From a wrestling perspective he must be there longest consecutive actual 'in-ring' employee??


Of course more known for being a perennial jobber who occasionally got the odd offence in its incredible to think that he has actually faced off against 4 decades of WWE talent and been a part (albeit small) of the 80s golden era,mid 90s cartoon era, attitude era and the pg era.


Bit of a shame that they released him as I'm sure his wages were low however I hope he saved abit of $$$ from his time there.


Is he the most famous 'job' guy ever???

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Think he helped with whatever they needed.


He was no Hogan admitedly and wasn't exactly flair in title reigns however how many wrestlers can claim to have been on WWE TV for 30+ years and faced whobhe has (albeit losing).


Id like to think he got a decent golden handshake!

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