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The "Footballer Fashion Faux Pas" Thread


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Inspired by Emmanuel Adebayor earning over $225k a week with Tottenham Hotspur I got to thinking what he could possibly be spending that sort of money on. Then I remembered his various post match interviews over the years where he sported some of the worst headwear I've ever seen. Expensive headwear at that.Emmanuel-Adebayor-1.jpg


It's not just limited to the world of fashion. Despite having model girlfriends who frequent the front cover of fashion mags, Andy Carroll has the worst lounge in Christendom. Zebra print. Pink. It is absolutely honking.245EF75200000578-2894140-_Classy_Billi_M


So what is to blame? More money than sense? Do they actually think they look good? Lets see and hear about the worst offenders in your opinion.

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