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UKFF Awards: MMA/Sports Poster of the Year 2015


MMA/Sports Poster of the Year 2015  

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Well, not everybody is into MMA.

I basically just watch main events but I did vote for wand. Their passion and knowledge could easily lead me into becoming a bigger MMA fan in 2016. I don't think there's a footy equivalent.



No, there isn't. Ebb and jimufctna (did I get that name right?) are also very good posters in the MMA threads but wand is on another level. His posts, in particular the opening posts for upcoming MMA events, are very informative and insightful. And he can be very funny with it as well. I've been a bit more interested in boxing lately and he's also brilliant in that thread as well. I voted for Rick in the end, who has been an absolute constant in the football threads since returning.

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